Voice of Youth [The Star Aug 2017] (JJP)



The youth of JB and Jinyoung who have gathered for JJ Project.

At the end of a five year wait, GOT7 JB and Jinyoung return as unit JJ Project. Due to the two youths who spend every moment seriously and doing their best, it becomes a moment of waiting for the new album that is a step more mature.


The Star (TS hereupon): It’s a unit album after a long while. How do you feel?
JY: It’s been awhile since we did things just the two of us so it feels new but at the same time I feel a lot of burden. After the recent GOT7 album wrapped up, the members spoke about how the next album would be really important, and how the next album should be so that we would be able to grow musically. However, that next album became JJ Project’s album. We need to fill up the spot well and make it a turning point and I’m worried as to whether we can do that.
JB: For that, we have to work hard (laughs).

TS: What’s different between the last album and this? Please explain the album simply.
JY: This album is much more gentle (quiet) compared to the previous JJ Project album.
JB: You’ll be able to feel the depth of it from the dance and the song.
JY: A mature JJ Project. You might cry listening to the song (laughs). Because you relate to it so much. It talks about life.
JB: The album is called [VERSE 2] and there are 8 songs. The overall feel of the album is tranquil and it is somewhat optimistic. As you listen to the songs, you’ll be able to feel ‘I need to get a grip on my mind’; we filled (up the album) with those songs.

TS: What message do you want to deliver the most from this album?
JB: I hope you will be able to relate lots when listening to our music.
JY: The tile of the title song from this album is “Tomorrow, Today”. It talks about youth having to know and decide the matters of tomorrow when one is unsure about today even. It talks about the lost/wandering (self) and the anguish that youths face.

TS: Are there songs that you worked on?
JY: We participated in the whole album.
JB: There are many. Out of all the albums thus far, we had the most involvement/participation in this album.

TS: As well as you match with one another, I feel like there would have been some interesting anecdotes while preparing for this album.
JY: The fact that it proceeded so smoothly? (laughs) Usually when preparing for an album, there are instances when the thoughts of the artists and the company differ. However for this album, it was smooth to the point that we did not need to adjust any of our inputs.
JB: It’s similar to today’s photo shoot. Smooth. (laughs)
JY: Shooting the music video too was fun. For the first time, we did not dance in it.
JB: That’s right. We did not dance. Because it’s different from how it was before, it felt new. Like a road movie, we walked the road/path comfortably and the director shot our natural sides. It felt like we were on vacation when we were filming it.
JY: This music video form is the first time we’re trying it; different from all the music videos we’ve done all these while. You could say it’s experimental.

TS: If you were to make another unit group in GOT7 apart from Jinyoung and JB unit, whom would you like to do it with?
JY: If I do it with Yugyeom and BamBam, I think it would be really ‘strong/tough’ music. Also, like we did during our concert, Mark hyung and I, JB hyung with Youngjae, and Yugyeom, BamBam and Jackson – 3 units like this.
JB: I think that’s fine.
JY: The styles of the 3 units are different so I think it’s fun.
JB: In addition, BamBam and myself. The music genres that we like are similar so I think it would be great if the two of us could do it.

TS: What’s different between GOT7 promotions and JJ Project promotions?
JY: The part where 2 person have to do what 7 people did. That preparation time is short? (laughs)
JB: Unlike with GOT7, the importance/value of the dancer hyungs grows. Since there are only 2 members in JJ Project, the dance hyungs work hard(er). Even out of the members, it is the quiet Jinyoung and myself; since the two quiet members of the team are gathered, the overall vibe is serious. Even when we’re joking around, shall I say that the jokes we do are just those that are thrown out like that. However, when GOT7 all gather, we are very active.

TS: You’ve amassed huge popularity overseas such as in countries like Japan, Thailand, Vietnam etc. As you travel back and forth Korea and overseas, are there any difficulties?
JB: Haha, is that right? Every time we travel to various countries, we try to use the local language (of the country) as much as we can. Because it is a different country’s language, there are times when we get confused. For example, when we perform in China, there are times when we mistakenly get confused with Japan (words). (laughs)

TS: How do you appeal to the foreign fans?
JY: Although they do like it when we speak in Korean, they like it even more when we converse in their country’s language. It’s only when that happens that they think it truly becomes communication. Speaking in the country’s local language and not speaking in that language is the difference between the sky and the land.
JB: I think that through using the country’s language is how they can best relate. It’s hard but we show that we are putting in effort.

TS: When you look back at GOT7 now, do you think you are going in the direction you want to?
JY: We undergo a lot of trial and error. I think that right now, we’ve gotten much more stable music and concept wise.
JB: ‘Just Right’ and up till ‘If You Do’, everything was great but on the other hand, it feels like we were still unable to find our path. However as we did the Flight Log series, I find we found our spot. I think to some aspect, we’ve found our own unique color. With the next album, I want to give a new change.

TS: JB and Jinyoung both work hard at acting. What are the upcoming acting plans?
JB: For the time being, I don’t know. For now, I want to focus on the music I’m doing now. As time pass and I start feeling ‘It’s okay to start learning about other things now’, I think that would be the right time for me to try (acting) again.
JY: I’m currently filming for a web drama and for plans beyond that, I’m thinking about it slowly. Regardless of genre, I’m not picky and I want to try a lot.

TS: Do you watch each other’s acting and give each other feedback?
JB: Back when we were acting together, there are times when we would do it occasionally.
JY: I thought I acted well back then (laughs). As time passed, I think ‘I really lacked a lot huh’.
JB: Since the filming went by quickly, I was trying to get used to it but I was out of it.
JY: We had to trust the director and follow his lead (laughs)
JB: I seek out advice from the other actors and learnt a lot. Of course I still have to learn now.

TS: Apart from music and acting, are there other fields you’d like to try out?
JB: My hobby is in taking photos. If an opportunity arises, I’d like to learn about it in depth. I have a lot of interest in the world of art. I’ve thought about learning about it. But I can’t draw well (laughs).
JY: How about modern art?
JB: Ah in that case, then I would be able to do video art a little. After learning it.
JY: I haven’t thought much about other things so I don’t really know yet. If we’re talking about hobbies then I want to fish or hike. I especially like hiking. The air is good and I like climbing mountains. I go to Bukhansan sometimes; I like that I (get to) organize my thoughts as I climb.

TS: Lately ‘YOLO’ is popular. If you were given time and money right now, what do you want to do straight away?
JY: I’ll send half to my family and I want to go on a vacation with the other half.
JB: I don’t know. There are so many things I want to do so I don’t know what I should do. If I get lots of time when either backpacking or get myself a motorized scooter and go overseas with it. I think that would be fun.

TS: What do you think of the most when you’re having a hard time?
JB: What I think about the most when I have a hard time is definitely alcohol. Haha. I’m kidding. I don’t particularly think of anything. My biggest thought when I’m having a hard time is to quickly head to bed. And even if I don’t want to sleep, I’m the type to sleep a lot of I’m having an extremely hard time or extremely stressed out.
JY: I think of friends and family. Just the fact that they are on my side gives me strength.
JB: I agree with that. Family and friends.
JY: When I feel like I’m losing everything, I feel a sense of stability thinking ‘Still, I have my family and friends’.

TS: Although it is a period of time where you are busy working, on the other hand, it feels like just like your peers, you would have thought of wanting to be in a relationship.
JB: There are times when I do want (to be in a relationship).
JY: It would really be a lie to say that there is none of that (laughs).
JB: However, even if I do date, I know that I will put work before my relationship therefore I think I will hurt the other party I am in a relationship with. So it (thoughts of dating) doesn’t really get to me.
JY: Those words are suave.
JB: Even if I think I am to regret this later, I feel like this is a wise decision. I can just do it later (laughs).
JY: I think JB hyung’s words are really suave because it is not selfish. Because you know what is your priority so you think this way.

TS: If you were to date, what kind of relationship do you want to have?
JB: A free relationship? To not bother about each other’s work and to understand each other a lot; I want to have that kind of relationship.
JY: I would like it if it was someone who is comfortable like a friend. I think that when you get stressed out (by it), that’s not a relationship.

TS: Alright, in changing the vibe, what is the bucket hat to JB?
JB: Hahaha. Right now, it is something of most importance to me. Wearing a ball cap does not cover everything. When I go to places like the airport, I still get a little embarrassed and shy by people taking photos of me. Therefore, in order to cover it all, I use the bucket hat often.
JY: How about using an umbrella? Should I buy one for you?
JB: No no (laughs). The bucket hat is the easiest and covers up my face well. I used it a lot when I was younger since I wore it when I was b-boying too.

TS: What is no-jam* to Jinyoung?
JB, JY: (laughing while clapping)
JY: I admit this (laughs).
JB: But Jinyoung is funny lately.
JY: I think I’m different. Lately humorous people are the trend. But how does it work if everyone is humorous? Because everyone will feel like it’s floating so I should have control of the center. The members are all funny. They are all animated and active so I thought “Must I be like that too?” Is that a good excuse? Haha.
JB: Jinyoung is the funniest when he’s making fun of someone else, he does it with wit. I learn from him too.

Note: No-jam means no fun.

TS: As a wrap up, please say a word to the fans who have been waiting a long time for JJ Project.
JB: We’ve returned after 5 years. Thank you. I heard that there were a lot of interest from people in hearing that JJ Project is coming back. Just in that alone, I believe, is a success. It made me think that the group ‘JJ Project’ was not in vain, so thank you. (The album) is packed with good songs so I hope you can anticipate for it as much as you’ve waited.
JY: I think that this is an album that is the most completed out of all the music I’ve done. All 8 songs are great so I hope you listen to them all without missing any one of them. If you listen to the lyrics, you’ll be able to know a lot of our thoughts. You will think, “Ah these friends live life and promote while having these thoughts.”

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