today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow [Grazia Sep 2017] (JJP)


today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow

The things they like, the things they think of, they are all different but there is absolutely no problem between Jinyoung and Jaebeom. As much as their differences, they understand and are considerate of each other. Like that, with over 8 years of companionship, they’ve completed a world solely theirs that no one else could even come close to.

GZ: Congratulations. On Hanteo’s Weekly chart, you are ranked first.
JB: Honestly, because it’s a unit that’s returning in 5 years, I paid a lot of attention to it. Rather than the results that are visible to the eyes, I am prouder to hear things like, “my heart is crying”, “the lyrics are good,” when people listen to the songs.

GZ: In this album, you’ve participated in the composition and/or lyric making of all the tracks.
JB: At first, it was merely the mindset that I/we have to work hard. But when we got down to actually doing it, the greed of “gotta make a good album” grew and as we went along preparations, I think we paid even more attention to it.
JY: There are many fans waiting for GOT7’s album but instead if we were to return with weird songs for a unit album, I would be apologetic. As GOT7’s representatives, we worked hard in order to make an album that does not cause harm or embarrass (the members). All these while, we’ve not participated in either the composition or the lyrics making of our title songs but in wanting to show that actually we are ‘people who can tell our own stories’, we worked together.

GZ: We met with Mark last month and he strongly recommended JJ Project’s song.
JB: Mark is currently JJ Project’s promoting king (laughs).

GZ: Listening to the album, I can feel that you’ve grown. I’m sure there has been a lot of changes in these 5 years?
JB: I think I’ve been able to accept reality positively. In the past, I would insist on doing things my way but now I’ve been able to compromise to a certain extend?

GZ: You’ve become an adult.
JB: I’ve come to realize that not only my thoughts are the right ones.
JY: I’ve become quieter compared to 5 years ago. Back then I spoke a lot but now I feel that it’s not necessary to talk a lot.

GZ: Is there any special reason behind that change?
JY: Through various stuff, I’ve learn that ‘silence is the best medicine’. And unlike hyung, I’ve developed my own opinions. Back then, with an amateur mind, I was the type to accept others’ opinions but now I’ve realized the need to express my own opinions too. As I developed my skills, slowly I began developing things/traits of my own.

GZ: When do you feel ‘I’ve aged’?
JB: Lately, as we head to the music shows, there are many new (rookie) friends. When we look at their stages and we don’t go ‘Wah so suave’ but instead say ‘It’s really refreshing’, that’s when I realized I’ve grown older.

GZ: The trait that is unique to rookies is the overflowing passion, isn’t it?
JB: I see that now. We too work hard when we stand on stage but I think the feeling is a little different. I thought that I did it with ease/in a relaxed manner when I was a rookie but to anyone else, that look alone was “Why is that kid doing it with so much force?” (laughs).
JY: It’s the same for me too. When I see the rookies stand on stage with their extremely bright selves, I feel the same way but on the other hand, I think “Ah these friends are going to regret this in 5 years.”

GZ: Why would they regret it? (laughs)
JY: After 5 years, those things will, in a way, be their shameful past*. No matter what you do, it looks a little overboard. Just like what we felt.

*Note: Shameful past meaning things that you would be embarrassed of when you look back on your past.

GZ: At the same time of the album release, you opened an exhibition of the same name with the photos you took and the words you wrote.
JB: I’ve always like reading and taking photos and when the company suggested it, I thought let’s try doing it. But still, I felt pressured. My skills are still not of a level adequate enough to be opening an exhibition.

GZ: Out of the captions that each of you wrote for the exhibition, is there any that left an impression?
JY: There is one that hyung wrote that sounded like he was having a conversation with me; ‘Time passes really quickly huh, Jinyoung-ah?’. I got real shocked seeing that. I thought, ‘Hyung with this type of tone?” Haha.
JB: I was shocked seeing that caption too. It’s true that it is something I wrote but it was revised slightly. The original was “A time of 5 years have passed. Time passes by quickly Jinyoung-ah.”

GZ: The original is pretty open/direct.
JY: Yes. But it transformed into a really sweet feel.
JB: I too thought, “It’s the same meaning but why does this sound so sweet?” Because I had decided to write (the captions) for this exhibition calmly.
JY: The concept of this exhibition is ‘8th grade syndrome’*. So that everything can be taken lightly and enjoyably.
JB: But I became a sweet guy overnight. Of course it means the same thing but there is a subtle (difference) in the nuance.

*Note: 8th grade syndrome is the puberty stage where adolescents act out.

GZ: Therefore, which of Jinyoung’s captions left an impression on you?
JB: In the scene/photo where I’m walking while looking at my phone, he wrote “There is a reason even if he’s looking at the ground.” I wasn’t looking at the ground but I was looking at my phone. I remember it because the text didn’t fit the picture.
JY: I wrote it like that on purpose. When people look at their phone, they go around with their heads down. (The caption) meant that (the lowering heads) did not mean that there was no energy/strength but everything has a reason to it.
JB: The other one would be a picture of the sky and a barley field. He wrote “Sky and barley, ah I’m thirsty” randomly. It was so funny hahaha.

GZ: Looks like not everything was written with an intention/meaning.
JY: If everything was serious then there would be no fun in it.
JB: We included random captions here and there. We wanted to share it enjoyably with the fans.

GZ: The title song for this album, ‘Tomorrow, Today’, is a song that talks about youth’s concerns. What kind of concerns are the two of you having lately?
JB: On which path to take, on how to be my own self – I think it’s always the same things. I also think of what to eat every day. A very light concern (laughs).

GZ: That’s the most important concern, though?
JB: Usually people will have something they would like to eat right? I don’t encounter such a thing. Living life up till now, there hasn’t been a moment where I felt like I wanted to eat something.

GZ: Don’t you have food that you like?
JB: Of course I do. But I don’t experience things like I have to definitely eat a certain food, or craving for a certain food.

GZ: Alright, let’s now confirm that with Jinyoung who is always by his side.
JY: This really.. (Looking at JB) Hyung, can I talk about this? I’m going to be honest about this (laughs). When we’re ordering food, hyung will definitely say that he’s not eating. But just in case, I’ll order 2 servings and then he’ll come over and go “Is there food?”. There’s nothing that he would specifically like to eat but if we order, he will eat. Even if he says he’s not hungry.
JB: Even if I do want to order, there are so many varieties on the menu. I honestly can’t choose. Since there’s nothing that I specifically want to eat.
JY: Hyung has got to see it in real life in order to choose.
JB: I can’t think of a menu (to eat) so I’ll say that I won’t eat but if I smell food, I get hungry. So I creep up.
JY: Then I was naturally take out (his share). (laughs)

GZ: Looking at how long you spend overseas, don’t you get desperate for Korean food even if you don’t usually like it?
JB: I eat Korean food even when I’m overseas (laughs). I’m a real Korean food mania so I must always have soup and jjigae (stew).

GZ: So what is Jinyoung’s concern as of late?
JY: Although this may sound funny, I try my best to prevent my voice from cracking. There are many instances where we do rehearsals in the morning when our throats have not even warmed up. There are many singers watching so my greatest concern is in getting through that without cracking my voice.

GZ: That seems like a definite concern for singers.
JY: Hyung has a great tone and he sings well but I have a rather low tone and I tend to strain my throat when singing high (notes) so it’s hard every morning. But because I stress about not cracking my voice in front of other people, it’s even harder.

GZ: Have you not been able to find a resolution for that?
JY: There’s something. When I’m singing a high note, I pull my mic away as far as I can and pretend to sing. Hahah.

GZ: Can we include this in the interview? (laughs)
JY: It’s something I do only during rehearsals. I do well during the actual performance.
JB: My voice cracks from time to time too. Even yesterday’s rehearsals too.. (laughs)
JY: Hyung, you were really amazing yesterday.

GZ: Did something happen at rehearsals yesterday?
JB: I sang a part and my voice cracked each time I sang it.
JY: Hyung was so taken aback that when we ended, he said “Hello” instead of “Thank you for the hard work”.
JB: Honestly, to singers, our throats is our most important instrument but even if we did the exact same thing at the same time, even if we sleep the same, our condition always differ. Therefore there are days when my voice cracks and there are days when it doesn’t. I used to get really stressed about it but now I just laugh it off. What can I do about something that has already happened? I just tell myself to do better next time. Thankfully I did well during the actual performance yesterday.

GZ: Is Jinyoung blood type A by any chance?
JB: I’m type A. Jinyoung is O.

GZ: That’s unexpected.
JB: For type A, we are unexpectedly optimistic when a huge accident/incident happens. But we keep worrying about the small things.
JY: Cracking your voice in front of people is no small matter.
JB: If I made an embarrassing mistake, I keep looking at it until I get used to it. And once I get used to it, I don’t want to be reminded of it again. So I put in effort in order not to make the same mistake.

GZ: What if you were faced with a choice? Are you the type to not have any regrets on the choice you did not make?
JB: It differs depending on situation. And I think the feeling of regret is dependent on how important it is. Rather than saying I barely have any regrets, if my choice turns out to be a mistake, I will just look back and say “Let’s not make this kind of mistake again.”
JY: For me, I’m the type to push forward with my choice and then turn back to have a look later on.

GZ: You’re the type to focus on your current choice, huh?
JY: Because it’s something I already committed myself to and the ending is something I have to do/create. After that, I’ll ponder as to why I did it the way I did.

GZ: Is there a choice that you did you not make that left you with a lingering feeling?
JB: I do think that I should have worked a little harder back then, that it would have been great if I had this mind-set back when I was younger.
JY: I’m the opposite of hyung. During trainee period, I came to Seoul and I didn’t have any friends so I practiced so much. I was not relaxed at all. I would have been nice if I took it easier and met up with friends. Back then I had a lot of concerns and because of the pressure to succeed, I didn’t get close to my trainee friends.

GZ: The two of you have a history of being joint winners for the trainee open auditions with the same song. After that, you’ve been together for 8 years, is this fate?
JB: There’s also another (type of) fate apart from that. Actually we were supposed to audition separately but the last contest in which we perform as a team, it was the company that paired us up. Ever since then we’ve been continuously together.
JY: I spend my trainee period with hyung (in trying to see) who’s better and who’s superior. Then we did a drama together, debuted together, did GOT7 together. That’s how we spend the last 7-8 years.

GZ: And I think that made your existence different (from others) to each other.
JY: There’s trust.
JB: Since we know what the other likes and dislikes, we don’t really collide into one another. We have a consideration for each other.
JY: For me, in a relationship between people, I think the most important thing is not doing what the other person dislikes, rather than doing what that person likes. Because we already know what the other dislikes, we are considerate of each other.

GZ: What was your first impression of each other?
JB: What should I say? Jinyoung was like this really clear, clean, pure water.

GZ: Is there any of that image left in him? (laughs)
JY: People change, it’s been 8 years.
JB: No matter how clear the water is… (laughs) Rather than changing for the worst, I think he’s become a little more adept in keeping that image as it is.

GZ: How about Jaebeom’s first impression?
JY: Really in the best sense of the word, I think he was like a ‘player’*. If I’m to compare to that time, he’s living more fiercely now but in the beginning he had this ease to him.

*Note: It means he had time/freedom/ease in his life.

GZ: When do you think that the both of you match each other best?
JB: We definitely match well in our usual times but we match really well when we’re working too. When we’re doing something together regardless of what it is, it gets done cleanly and efficiently.

GZ: What is something about the other person that hasn’t changed despite time passing?
JY: From the first time I met hyung up till now, he has always liked music. I’m saying that it’s time for you to change now (laughs).
JB: Jinyoung has that feel of a man who lives right. It’s not that he thinks he has to live right deliberately, I think he’s just born like that.

GZ: When were you the most genuinely happy recently?
JY: When JJ Project’s albums were released. I received the albums because I had to sign on them and the albums came out really well so I liked it.
JB: Um.. I’m not someone who feels great or happy well. Of course I felt great when the albums were released though.

GZ: Then what makes Jaebeom happy?
JB: I don’t know. I just live life easily. I don’t live to feel happiness. I just think ‘Well life is just life”; I don’t think I’m someone who puts a huge meaning to it.

GZ: Again, we’ll need Jinyoung’s report. As someone who watches him by his side, when does Jaebeom seem happy?
JY: When he’s watching funny videos on YouTube? Just yesterday he was laughing so much by himself; turns out he was watching videos of the rapper Desiigner and laughing so much. He sincerely looked happy at that time.

GZ: Recently you asked GOT7 member Yugyeom for a one-liner comment on VERSE 2. I’m asking the same question here.
JB: A masterpiece. According to my standards, it is a masterpiece that was well produced. With the creation of every album, I work to make sure it turns out well but this album is a little more special. Compared to other albums, I participated a lot in this and as much as the hard work we put in, I like the track order and the album design as well.
JY: I have no regrets. The feeling of putting my all in it. There was no relaxed (feeling) in making it together but it was a good time. I have no regrets.
JB: Now when this (promotion) wraps up, we’ll have to work hard in making GOT7’s album too.


Jinyoung’s taste

Acting vs Singing
Since I’m doing JJ Project now, singing first!

Movies vs Books
Wah. This is really hard. Books! I’m currently reading the book Ni d’Eve, ni d’Adam.

Cracking your voice vs Wrong choreography
Cracking your voice is more distressful (laughs)

Sikhye vs Vanilla Latte
Vanilla Latte. Sikhye is what JB hyung likes.

First love vs Last love
Last love! First love will pass by; last love will be forever for me.

Warm-hearted or Cold-like?*
I like warm. When it comes to people, I’d like to approach them warmly with emotions.

*This question makes Jinyoung choose between two types of men: the first being one who is warm towards ladies and the other being one who seems cold, strong, charismatic. Think Jinyoung vs Jaebeom.


JB’s taste

Film camera vs Polaroid
Film camera!

Essay vs Writing lyrics
Wah.. Essay! I like reading more than writing. But if I’m to personally do it then writing lyrics!

Dancing vs Singing
This has to be both. But if I really had to choose, singing.

Real variety vs Scripted variety
Ah, real! If there’s a script, you end up acting.

Sexy vs Cute
Sexy. I don’t think I suit ‘cute’. I like the term ‘A person who gives off a human vibe’

Leader vs Maknae
I’m more comfortable with being a leader. I used to be the maknae wherever I went but being a leader for a few years, I’ve gotten comfortable with it.

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