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“Redefinition of Wang Jia Er “

Some say that this year will be Wang Jia Er’s year. There are too much shining points on this 23-year-old big boy. When everyone is focused on his cute and humorous variety side, he on the other hand wants to use music that he’s really passionate about to tell everyone that it’s time to redefine him —- “I’m a singer.”

Before meeting Wang Jia Er, there were many keywords about him that appeared in my head from time to time. Good looks, good figure, high EQ, humorous, honest…The viewers that watched the variety shows he hosted and participated in, it isn’t hard for them to find the so called “sense of variety” in him. Wang Jia Er’s character is bright, his reaction is agile and at the same time he has an extraordinary “brain circuit” (like the way he thinks). Through the rampant broadcast of variety shows, he turned many people into fans and his honest character seems to be made for this circle. He does not simply see recording a show as a job, he likes and enjoys the whole filming process and gets himself immersed in it. This is perhaps where the “sense of variety” came from. But six months ago, he started to get a little lost. “Many people know Wang Jia Er from variety shows. While being happy, I would also ask myself is this really what I want and is this really my final target?” New thoughts came about this way, how to let everyone see what Wang Jia Er really thinks inside?

Wang Jia Er who ended the photoshoot went back to the dressing room and sat down. The big boy in front of me hasn’t seem to have completely calmed down yet because he just completed a daring attempt. “The photos and magazine I took in the past are all more public friendly and the scale wouldn’t be too big. But today’s photoshoot style to me is a new attempt and it is also a new challenge.”

Wang Jia Er is someone who has expectations of himself, you could tell from the photoshoot. Towards outfit styling and visual presentation he has his own understanding and thoughts. During filming he would even discuss with the photographer on how to perform better. He has always been like that when dealing with work. The new song <Generation 2> that was released some time earlier was self-composed by him. Even the song’s MV creativity and planning was also his idea. “My music is a part of my story”, it’s not a simply a thing that has no depth and intension. All the things I want to express will appear in my music.” Toward music, Wang Jia Er can be said to be a bit “stubborn”. From the initial composing, singing to MV filming and even the postproduction promotions, he wants to do it himself and instil his own ideas into the work.

Wang Jia Er places importance on the storytelling and visualization. To the extent that when he just makes a song, the scenes of the song’s MV are already appearing in his head. Maybe it was because he was restricted by commercial factors, <Generation 2> did not totally show his idea and many ideas were not added to the MV of this song. But another new song <Papillon> is thoroughly “Wang Jia Er style music”.

When composing the song <Papillon>, the story about freedom and dreams appeared in Wang Jia Er’s head. The visualization is from a movie ——- a person that was imprisoned, tried to prison break many times risking his life and after many difficulties he finally succeeded. He had nothing at that moment but what he got was the freedom he dreamt of. Wang Jia Er uses this “prison breaker” story to narrate a bigger “story” —- “In reality, many people have many dreams but they don’t dare to try it. Maybe it’s because they are afraid of failure, maybe it’s because they are trapped by reality. They are like being trapped in a prison. The risk of ‘prison break’ is high. They are afraid of being caught so they don’t have the guts to do it. I hope to tell everyone with this song that we only live once so we should daringly try once. No matter if you succeed or fail, as long as you’ve worked hard, you won’t let yourself regret.” Wang Jia Er uses music to narrate the story to fans and at the same time, he’s telling his own story.

1994, Wang Jia Er was born into a sports family in China Hong Kong. His father is Hong Kong fencing team’s ex-head coach Wang Rui Ji, his mother is China gymnast Zhou Ping. Everyone thinks that the child of star players would surely walk on the path of sports. “Son inheriting father’s career” is an unwritten custom and little Wang Jia Er was no exception too. He started gymnastics when he was 6 and came into contact with fencing at 11. Being the “master of the sword and pen” is Wang Jia Er father’s expectation of him. He also dreamt of being the Olympic Champion when he was young and then getting into a very good university. All of this seems to be a sturdy pathway of life and in the eyes of many people, this has already reached the standards of “success”. But behind this “master of the sword and pen”, what is the real thing that Wang Jia Er wants?

Wang Jia Er loved listening to songs when he was a student. Not only did he listen to Hong Kong pop music, he also came in contact with huge amounts of American hip-hop music. From then onwards, the hip-hop seed in his heart sprouted. He even tried composing a song using a computer — this is also something he loves doing the most even up till now when he’s bored at home. Wang Jia Er once said, you can’t do two things well in life and he needs to choose. Back then it was precisely just two things placed in front of him — heading towards being the “master of the sword and pen” or follow his own heart and have a go at his own dreams.

“Do what I like and do what I want to.” These are the lyrics written by Wang Jia Er and it just happens to be the belief that he has always stood by. After a round of discussions with his family, his parents respected his dreams and choice. “I thought about a lot of things during that period of time, in the end I told myself why not do it first. This way I would not regret and at least when I’m old I won’t tell myself that at that point of time I should have chosen music.”

From becoming a trainee in 2011 to establishing his own work studio Team Wang in 2017, in these 6 years, Wang Jia Er has practiced a step at a time the promise he gave himself in the beginning. How much hard work went into it behind the scenes, no one else knows but him. When talking about his current troubles, Wang Jia Er’s tone started to become very serious: “I just established my own work studio, now it’s still not that mature. My biggest worry and trouble is how to make the work studio work well. I hope that I can let the hyungs and noonas in the team be/do well. Though the current role is very difficult and it’s very tiring. But this tiring is not tiredness I dislike but it’s happy tiredness.”

In the beginning of the new song <Papillon> MV, Wang Jia Er looks at himself from the past and “burns” away his past self. He hopes that everyone can forget about the “Wang Jia Er” with the variety impression temporarily and make his identit

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