PRESENT:YOU comeback week recap


1. Present: YOU 3rd Full Album Release 

On the 17th of September, GOT7 released their 3rd full album Present:YOU with a total of 16 songs! The members all actively participated in the production of this album, from side-tracks to each releasing self-produced, and self-written solo songs! Known for their popularity worldwide, GOT7 released their title track, ‘Lullaby’ in the 4 most spoken languages in the world – Korean, English, Chinese and Spanish, making the effort to reach out and communicate with their fans.

Before the official release on the 17th, the members sat down together for a ‘Countdown Live’ on V Live, giving a sneak peek of the new album. Coincidentally, the broadcast was held on Youngjae’s birthday, and the members celebrated his day with a chaotic birthday song and cake. During the live, following the theme of the album ‘Present:YOU’, the members each brought a “present” which represented one of their fondest memories of receiving or giving gifts. Check out the full live with English subtitles down below to find out what each member brought!

Being able to be with the lumps and ahgases,  it is an even more special start to Twae-birthday! To Youngjae who made the comeback day twice the enjoyment, our gift-like Youngjae, thank you for being born🐥💚 #ArsYoungjaeDay
#HappyBirthdayArs #PresentYOU #Lullaby

2. Comeback Show 

On the day of the release of ‘Present:YOU’, the pre-recorded comeback show for this comeback aired, where the members gave Ahgases a preview of the new album, performed the new songs in front of fans for the first time, and even danced to their hit songs ‘Girls, Girls, Girls- Remix’, ‘Look’ and ‘Hard Carry’. They also filmed a ‘7 mins Debate’ where they discussed whether Ahgases are sparrows or chicks, and the best late night snack. To watch all of their stages and the debate, click the title of the video down below to binge the full playlist of the Comeback Show released by M2!


Further along the week, M2 released two additional clips: a talk time with GOT7 on their solo songs, as well as a behind the scenes. Both clips are subbed in English, so make sure to get the setting on!


3. Variety Show Appearances (Running Man, Idol Room, Hello Counsellor)

In Running Man’s Episode 418, GOT7 made a short guest appearance at the end, where they battled against the cast of Running Man in a series of games. With their last guest appearance being in 2016, where the boys were part of a “Jail Race”, GOT7 competitively took on various fun challenges in this episode – such as mini long jumps, spinning around in a chair while trying to collect water in a jug, and even squeezing 6 members into a small tent! Albeit their short appearance, the guesting of GOT7 on the show reached the peak viewership ratings of Running Man at over 9%.

Watch the full episode here!

All 7 members also made an appearance as the main guests on Idol Room, hosted by MCs Jeong Hyeong Don and Defconn, whom GOT7 have a close relationship with! The members displayed a great sense and wit during the episode, bringing much laughter to everyone on set. Even Stray Kid’s Hyunjin who was present for the episode as a “reporter” praised his seniors and said he felt like he was “watching a broadcast” and that it was fascinating. In order to be granted the chance to promote their new song, Lullaby on the show, GOT7 had to complete multiple missions, such as dancing Hard Carry against strong wind, “Radish Pulling Game” (pulling out a member while locking arms with one another), finishing 7 pieces of fried chicken each and even a question and answer game with JYP through a phone call! 

Catch the beautiful mess that is GOT7 on Idol Room (Eng Subbed) here and don’t forget to catch the additional videos of ‘BamBam Cam’ on the same channel on VLive!

JB and Jinyoung also made a guest appearance on Hello Counsellor, making this time the first time that members of GOT7 have gone on the show. Despite it being their first time, the duo showed their ability to show compassion and give advice whilst making sensible and thought-provoking comments even in vexing situations. JB  revealed a heart-breaking personal story about his family in this episode, relating to one of the stories during the show. Jinyoung too mentioned about his adolescent days and shared about his passion for dancing when he was younger. Watch the full show with English subtitles here!

4. Comeback Stages

GOT7 appeared on M!countdown, Music Core, Music Bank, and Inkigayo this week, performing to ‘Lullaby’ and also the 5th track in their full album, ‘I Am Me’ written by Jinyoung!

The members captivated fans’ hearts and wow-ed Ahgases with each stage. With fast-paced and intense choreography for ‘Lullaby’ said to even be more tiring than the choreography of ‘Hard Carry’, the members certainly gave their 177% for all broadcasts evident from the precise formations and ‘knife-like’ moves! Not to forget the captivating outfits of the members, ranging from dreamy pastel coloured silk shirts to all black mesh tops!

A day filled with ahgases’ sweet support sounding like #Lullaby from dawn till night!
Ahgases, thank you giving us this #Sweet day🐥💚 Lullaby is just starting! The chicks that will be with us today too, screammmm~~~🐥🐥💚 #GOT7 #PresentYOU #PresentGOT7 #PresentAhgase #ChicksNotSparrow

[🔈Happy Nyoung birthday] Remember 22nd September 1994, the day our youth 🍑Nyeonggwi🍑 was born! Specially ending the birthday happily with ahgases and lumps🐥💚 Thank you to ahgases for gifting every single day like it’s a birthday💚 #TodayTooTomorrowTooLetsMeet #GOT7 #PresentYOU #Lullaby #MyYouthJinyoungDay #HappyNyoungDay

A present prepared by GOT7 for ahgases🐥!🎁 PresentYOU first week is done! Seeing the audience seats filled with green light gives us strength💚 Thank you and let’s spend next week running too!



5. Behind the Scenes (Lullaby M/V Making Film)

Working in a collaboration with Dispatch, GOT7 has released several photos and a making clip for the Lullaby MV! There are also individual cuts from the making.



6. Dingo Lullaby Live + Pikicast Cheering Guide +

M2 Lullaby Relay Dance + 1theK Star Meme Chat Room + Music Core Research Interview

Check out the hilarious broadcasts of the cheeky boys as they react to memes sent in by Ahgases in a Meme Chat broadcast, a Lullaby cheering guide in pyjamas, and a chaotic rendition of Lullaby! The boys also show their sharp dance moves of Lullaby’s choreography through M2’s Relay Dance, and share interesting facts whilst introducing Lullaby in a “research” style during Music Core’s Research Interview! Catch all of these down below~


7.  Special V Lives (Entertainment Weekly,  JinBam M!Countdown Special MCs, Jinyoung’s Surprise B’day Live) 

Previously ‘Intern MCs’ for M!Countdown for a year, Jinyoung and BamBam come together again guesting as special MCs for M!Countdown and came on V Live to say hello to fans! On Jinyoung’s birthday (22nd Sept), Jinyoung also decided to have a surprise live to reach out and thank fans for their wishes and love on his day. The members also filmed with Entertainment Weekly this week, displaying their cooking skills and also interacting with fans (Not uploaded yet, to be updated when videos are released so please stay tuned here or on KBS’s VLive Channel!)



8. SBS Choi Hwajeong Power Time (w/o JS, YG)

To promote their new title song, this week, GOT7 appeared on ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’ once again! Due to personal schedules, Jackson and Yugyeom did not attend the radio show, but the remaining members worked hard to make sure their absence was filled.

Apart from introducing their new album, the members talked about shopping habits, songs good to listen to as a lullaby before sleeping (JB cheekily mentioned Hard Carry) and what they felt about recording the song in 4 languages! If the members win first place for Lullaby, they also said that they would all wear headbands with pacifiers in their mouth on stage! Watch the full radio broadcast down below! (No Eng Sub)

(two short subbed clips here and here)


9. Lullaby MV Milestones

Similar to our last promotion with “Look”, GOT7 once again launched a M/V Youtube Views Quest, and with each milestone, not only with special dance practice videos but this time a solo change as well will be released, whereby the members would switch up and take turns to take on solo MVs of other members! Remember to keep streaming Lullaby on YouTube to unlock the rest of the solo MVs and a Pyjamas dance practice version! Phoenix power on!! 🐤


10. Yugyeom’s participation in MAIN DANCERS

Shortly before promotions for Present:YOU began, a teaser was revealed for Yugyeom’s participation in Dispatch’s MAIN DANCERS. Made up of the other main dancers in other idol groups, there were photos and videos released. The dancers also got together and sat down for a V Live for the fans. Catch up below~


A Message To Our Virgo Boys

To our dear Mark, Jinyoung, and Youngjae whose birthdays fall in September, thank you for being born.

Mark, the pain of being so far apart from your loved ones is unfathomable but you’ve come so far based on sheer hard work and determination. We’ve seen you grow into the amazing person you are today and words can’t describe enough how proud we are of you. “Just (keep) movin’ on and on and on”, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

To the boy who thinks he lives in the wrong era – our dear Jinyoung, even if things may seem to pass by too fast for you, know that time always stops when we lay our eyes on you and loving you is timeless. Your lyrics, voice, and words heal the aching hearts of those who wander, and we’re sure they will continue to do so for a long time to come. ‘Thank You’, ‘My Youth’ will forever and always be yours.

Our eternal sunshine Youngjae, ‘Sunshine’ couldn’t be a more appropriate nickname for you. When you sing, you bring warmth to all who surround you and your compassionate demeanour and kind heart has definitely not gone unnoticed. Rest assured, you’re never ‘Alone’, let’s keep walking on this flower path together for a long time to come.

Happy Birthday, boys 💚

Previously & Upcoming

Jackson has now officially joined the Twitter family (@JacksonWang852) and Mark has joined Weibo too~ Welcome Jackson and Mark! The members of GOT7 are also now the official endorsers for Adidas Originals!

So far only first week into this comeback, the members have filmed for Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, ‘Let’s Eat Together'(only Jackson) and  ‘After Mom Falls Asleep’, so be sure to look out for these shows! The airing dates are all updated on the schedule tab, so check it out! The first episode of the much anticipated Hard Carry Season 2 is also set to air on 26th September~

From everyone at Ahgawings, wishing everyone a GOT7-filled week ahead and don’t forget to keep streaming and supporting the boys throughout the next few weeks! Phoenix mode on!! 🔥 🐥🔥