170124 Behind the scenes of Jackson’s & Jinyoung’s photoshoots


Hold up, are these (people) not models!? GOT7’s 94-liner, the visual line, Wang Puppy Park Puppy; this is heart-palpitating news that Jackson and Jinyoung are not idols but mo.dels who have shot their own solo pictorials!

Hearing this news, we could not just sit idly by! We visited the Jackson and Jinyoung photoshoots happening at a Gangnam studio! There are rumors that all the staff complimented that not only did they take on the outfits well but they were just as much of a pro in the process of the shoot!!! (>_<)
Shall we then move on to look at the cuts form Jackson and Jinyoung pictorials that will report itself to ahgases’ hearts~?

We firstly went to Jinyoung’s [Allure] Feb photoshoot venue!


Busily preparing for the shoot, our first pictorial’s main character is Jinyoung.


Young Master Damryeong from [Legend of the Blue Sea] has transformed into a young prince today!
Today too, there is no end to Jinyoung’s looks (ㅠ_ㅠ)


Jinyoung who transformed (his hair) into a cupid perm!

The saying “Jinyoung is absolutely cuteis proven to be true.

Hold on for a minute here, revealing tips in using props from the pictorial genius Jinyoung!

1. Hold the wriggly belt tightly in your hand,

2. Crumple the shoes in a unique way ㅍㅅㅍ

This is Jinyoung who has perfectly absorbed the combination of a grey suit and pink shoes.


In case anyone thought that he is not Actor Park, the birth of a suave cut where there are stories in his gaze and feel!


Jinyoung who absorbs the point of today’s dressing style ‘pink’.


Jinyoung who worked hard in being cute and handsome, he is now preparing for the last pictorial cut.


The heart-palpitating point of this would be the exploding feel of a CEO!


A bonus cut for ahgases, ending with a beret-Nyeong!

Next up, to the filming set for Jackson’s [InStyle] Feb issue, GO GO!!


He’s merely sitting on a chair but Jackson exudes a pro force!


He’s just leaning against a wall but he’s producing a delicate pictorial. This person is the most pure person in the world, right?


With just a jacket, and being chic, perfect visual Jackson completes a picture (art).


This time round, Wang Puppy emerges with a carefree styling!


A compulsory shot of a puppy biting the belt!


Although he has a dazzling visual no matter what he does but! Especially so for today, Jackson shows off a real boyfriend look,


Pictorial master Wang Jackson (24 years old), please keep walking on the pictorial path for a long long time…(ㅠ_ㅠ)

Due to them being able to carry out any concept well, Jackson and Jinyoung can now show off their perfection as models too! How were the behind cuts of Jackson and Jinyoung that were filled with boyish charms, refreshing feel and manly aura~?
You are able to see the full version of Jackson’s and Jinyoung’s photoshoot in InStyle and Allure Feb issues respectively! ^_^**

Till next time~!



Source: Star Cast