Jackson Wang Jia Er’s 30 [Harper’s Bazaar HK Mar 2018] (Jackson)


20s, usually we’re at a stage that we’re lost about our future. This guy in front of me, is of similar age, yet he knows how to plan for his own life early compared to others. Finding a way that belongs to him. He was once Hong Kong fencing representative (Youth Fencing Asia No.1) and he then went on to become a member of Korean Boy group GOT7 through selection from the entertainment company. The resume above is already impressive enough. Last year, he even established his own work studio TEAM WANG, focusing on his Greater China Region works. This issue, we invited this super idol to talk with everyone about the present and the future. Of course, Jackson’s appearance could also be said to be a very big gift to Bazaar’s 30th Anniversary.

A Worldwide Trip

Towards the number 30, Jackson’s first connection to it was work. “Before I hit 30, I hope that I could have music that is fully composed by myself. Hope that through music and composition, I can convey different meaningful messages. At the same time, also adding in my outlook on life. To allow the public to know me more. Using music to communicate with the people that like me. Other than that, it is also one of my dreams to have an individual concert, I hope that I can achieve that by 30 years old”.

Currently, he who places his work as his top priority, won’t and doesn’t slack even if there’s time. Even on days he doesn’t have to work (which aren’t that many to begin with), he would as much as possible put away some time to compose. No matter whether it’s composing, MV production and even the production of the entire song, he completes them on his own. With regards to this passion and sense of involvement, it maybe has to do with his experience in becoming an artiste at the start. “In the beginning when I was having activities in Korea, I mainly participated in variety shows. That period was the most tedious. At the same time because of the nature of the programs, it always gave people the impression that I was a child. On top of that, Korea is after all not the country he was born in, wanting to get people’s love and recognition is not an easy thing. But this actually became my motivation to work even harder”.

Although the process is rather tough, but fortunately Jackson is attracted to the entertainment career. “The most tough thing as an athlete is stamina but in the entertainment industry, it’s the 24 hours non-stop stress! Though it’s like that, but being able to do something that I like everyday is a very big blessing. I do get tired sometimes but the joy is bigger than everything else.”

Source Harper's Bazaar HK