Introduction to GOT7

GOT7. 갓세븐. Hailing from JYP Entertainment, the group debuted with 7 members on 16th January 2014. Consisting of 4 Korean members and 3 foreign members, GOT7 has steadfastly grown over the years, alongside their fandom IGOT7 or more affectionately known as Ahgase.

Before GOT7, two of the members, JB and Jinyoung (previously known as Jr.) debuted as JJ Project in 2012. After a short hiatus, they have since re-debuted as GOT7 and still continue to promote as JJ Project simultaneously.

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JB / Jaebeom




Im Jaebeom, or also known as JB, is the leader of GOT7. Due to having the same name as a senior singer, he was given JB as a stage name. While he promotes mostly with his stage name, he has been introducing himself as Jaebeom as well. Born on January 6, 1994, he is the only child in the family. He was enrolled in Konkuk University, majoring in the Arts and is now currently schooling online.

JB is commonly known by his fans to be ‘chic and sexy’ and has also recently earned the nickname ‘kkakdugi’ for constantly placing last in games. The nickname came from the Fencing episode of GOT7’s reality show in 2016, Hard Carry. Apart from being the leader, JB, alongside Youngjae, is also the main vocalist of GOT7. Because of his early birthday, he is considered to be in the 93-line with Mark.

JB has had a lot of interest in dancing since he was a kid and specializes in b-boying. He became interested in composing and writing music during his career as GOT7, and is now actively composing music under the name Defsoul. He has since composed two of GOT7’s title songs,You Are and Look. Recently, JB is also into photography as he is often seen taking photos on variety shows and at fan meetings with his film camera.

He is left-handed and has two beauty marks on his left eyelid. He now raises 3 cats in his room: Nora, Odd and Kunta, with the last two being strays that he used to feed.

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MarKTuan Yi-En, the eldest of the team, hails from Los Angeles, USA. Born on September 4, 1993, he is the third child of the family, with two elder sisters and one younger brother. Mark is a Chinese-American of Taiwanese descent.

Scouted while he was in school, he moved to Korea to be a trainee, with no prior knowledge of dance or rap. Over the years, he picked up Martial Arts Tricking (MAT), and became in charge of MAT, along with Jackson, for the group. His nickname, ‘Mark-tial Arts’, is used mostly in Korea because of the similar spelling.

Mark is also the rapper in the group. Despite being the oldest in the team, he is often in charge of the cute antics and has recently earned himself the nickname, ‘Markachu’, during GOT7’s 4th official fan meeting in Korea. His interest in composing for music has seen his name coming up in the credits for several GOT7 songs.

Although awkward with Youngjae at the beginning of their career as GOT7, the two have since gotten close and have raised their pet dog, CoCo together when they were roommates at one point in time. Mark is also a daredevil who is interested in thrill-seeking activities, such as paragliding, bungee jumping and skydiving. Being an ambitious individual, Mark hopes to dabble into acting in the future should the chance arise.

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Jackson Wang Jia Er is a Hong Kong citizen born on March 28, 1994. He has one older brother. Jackson used to be a national fencer for China and studied in the American International School in Hong Kong. As such, Jackson is well-versed in multiple languages, being especially fluent in Chinese, Cantonese, English, and Korean. After winning first place in the 2011 Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships, he decided to make the difficult decision to move to Korea to be a trainee under JYP Entertainment.

Jackson also introduces himself as Wang Jia Er or Jia Jia when promoting in China. Affectionately, he is known as ‘Gaga’ to his family and friends back in Hong Kong.  Due to his energy and cute demeanor as well as being born in the year of the Dog, he is also known as ‘Wang Gae’ (Wang Puppy) to the fans. Despite his beagle-like personality, he is very filial and loyal when it comes to his family and close friends, as he is always seen showering them with love and being a pillar of support and strength whenever he can.

While he is officially a rapper of the group, Jackson has shown interest in singing and has since sung in a few of GOT7 songs. He also displays great interest in composing and has successfully composed a few songs under his name.

Jackson is active as a variety star and emcee in both Korea and China. He travels to and fro the two countries regularly. A fixed cast in several shows in China, Jackson is a rising star in the Entertainment field and has won awards for New Variety Star in both Korea and China.

Jackson has since established his own studio, ‘Team Wang’, in China to handle his activities there where he has released self-composed tracks written in both Chinese and English.

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Park Jinyoung originally promoted as Jr. and Junior before deciding to officially go by his real name, Jinyoung. Born on September 22, 1994, Jinyoung has two older sisters. He is currently attending Howon University and is in the Division of Performing Arts and Media.

Jinyoung has several nicknames, the well-known ones being ‘Actor Park ‘and ‘Park Gae’. Like Jackson, Jinyoung was born in the year of the Dog, earning him the nickname Park Gae (Park Puppy). Aside from being a vocal for GOT7, Jinyoung also occasionally raps. He also contributes to creating choreography for GOT7 with Yugyeom and has composed several songs for GOT7.

He is active as an actor with several dramas and a movie under his belt. The pride the members and fans have for him being an actor is what led to his nickname, ‘Actor Park’.

Jinyoung is often praised for his mannerism and polite character. His action speaks louder than his words, and is often seen being very attentive and silently taking care of his members. Jinyoung’s most notable feature is his wrinkled-eye smile. Being a cinemaphile and avid reader after being first influenced by JB, he prefers to spend time on his own reading and watching movies when GOT7 gets a break.  He has since done two reading V-apps for fans, recommending them certain books, reading several notable parts out and giving wise advice. Like JB, Jinyoung also has an interest in photography and often carries a film camera with him wherever he goes.

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Choi Youngjae, the lead singer of GOT7, is born on September 17, 1996. The youngest child with one older sister and one older brother, Youngjae worked through part-time jobs to put himself through a singing academy. He is currently enrolled in Daekyung’s University Model department.

Youngjae earned the nickname Nich-In-Bi from their reality show, I GOT7, after being recognized for his visuals by 2PM’s well-known visual member, Nich Khun. He is also known as ‘Twaesudal’, ‘otter’ to fans and members alike for his indescribable resemblance to the cute mammal.

Despite being the main singer, Youngjae is always seeking to improve his own vocal abilities, taking vocal lessons (once in New York on his own) whenever he gets the chance. Although he was last to join the team, he has left his fans and members alike amazed by how quickly he picked up dancing. Despite training as a vocalist, Youngjae has also rapped for GOT7’s songs after indicating his interests in rapping. Furthermore, after dabbling in composition, Youngjae is now actively composing and writing music under the name Ars, where he also releases songs on his Soundcloud account.

Youngjae currently does not dorm with the other members but lives with his brother. Coco, the dog he used to raise together with Mark, is currently with the Choi brothers.

Youngjae’s love for music has also resulted in him having an interest in music therapy. He hopes to be a music therapist one day and be able to heal people with music.








is a Thai national, and is also formally known as Kunpimook Bhuwakul BamBam. He has two older brothers and a younger sister. Born on May 2, 1997, BamBam left Thailand at a very young age to be a trainee in Korea.

While BamBam does not have a set nickname, a snake emoji is often used to represent him as the word ‘Bam’ means snake in Korean.

As a rapper of the team, BamBam contributes to many of the rap-making components in their songs. He is also known for his excellent knowledge in girl group dances and has since performed in several special stages covering them.

BamBam has a flair for languages and often surprises people with his knowledge of the Korean language and has also picked up English on his own without any formal lessons. He is also talented in drawing and his artwork was used as the cover image for Real GOT7 DVD. Occasionally, BamBam edits videos and uploads montages of his overseas trips on Instagram, showcasing his passion for videography. BamBam has most recently produced GOT7’s You Are Lyric Video.

Despite his young age, BamBam is extremely filial and mature in his thoughts when it comes to his family, and has since bought his mother a house in Thailand and gifted his younger sister with a car since debut. He actively promotes in Thailand through making appearances on variety shows and endorsing for big brands. BamBam has also opened a cafe in Thailand called ‘B’Chill ‘ that is currently run by his family members. Known to be an animal-lover, BamBam is currently raising two cats, ‘Pudding’ and ‘Latte’ on his own in Korea, and owns a flying squirrel, ‘Shabu Shabu’ and a husky named ‘Gumiho’ back in Thailand.

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Kim Yugyeom was born on 17 November 1997. He has one older brother, making him the youngest at home as well as in the team. Similar to Youngjae, he is currently enrolled in Daekyung’s University Model department.

After his appearance and win in a dancing competition for celebrities, Hit The Stage, the name of the show has since become a nickname for Yugyeom. Like BamBam, Yugyeom is also often represented by an emoji, an ant, as his name sounds alike to the Korean word for ant.

A vocalist of GOT7, Yugyeom occasionally raps in their songs. He is also in charge of dance for the team and is especially talented in house dancing. He choreographs for some of their dances as well as dance breaks for special stages, and has also composed and penned lyrics for GOT7’s discography, with his songs landing spots in their Korean and Japanese albums.

Known to be a member with a child-like eating preference, he enjoys food that appeals to the younger generation, and once he falls in love with a particular type of food, he would stick to the same dish for a long time. Despite being the youngest in the team, he is the tallest in GOT7 and often finds joy in teasing the older members in the group with his antics. However, he is also very innocent and gullible according to the members, and is always the member who falls for GOT7’s hidden camera pranks.

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I GOT7 was introduced as the fanclub’s nickname on May 9, 2014. As the Korean spelling for I GOT7 is 아이 갓세븐, it is often shortened to 아가세. As the pronounciation is similar to 아가새, which means baby birds, the fandom has then been referred to as baby birds by the members. The members have increasingly started using bird emojis to represent I GOT7 and have started a wings flapping movement to refer to the fanclub.

An official lightstick was informally introduced to the fandom by the members during a mini-fanmeeting after Music Core, on April 23, 2016. While I GOT7 were never informed of their official color, fans have taken green to be the official color, due to the green glow the light stick omits. During the fanmeeeting, while coming up with names for the lightstick, Youngjae suggested ‘ahgabong’. Ahga, derived from ahgases, means baby while bong stands for stick. The members and fans alike have been using ‘ahgabong’ as the unofficial name of the lightstick since.