GOT7’s polite mannerism and hardworking nature makes staff sing endless words of praise


Since debut, all the members of GOT7 have always kept their rookie mindset in all activities that they pursue, and despite their steady rise to fame, they remained humble and polite to all who come to work with them.

Although there are countless episodes where staff members working onsite of the members’ schedules have praised GOT7 for their good manners and responsible behavior, we have cherry-picked a handful of messages and episodes of the group’s well-mannered and good-natured character.

Late last year, the members of GOT7 headed to Jeju to film for a short variety series “GOT7’s Working EAT holiday”. After the filming for the show wrapped up, a staff member who worked with the boys could not help but sing words of praise of the members.

I remember the GOT7 members sincerely liking the place
They said they wanted to live here and the place was really nice, leaving a lot of compliments

Of course it could have just been lip service but looking at their personality, they don’t seem to do a lot of lip service hehehehe
GOT7 members’ manners are really good

Up till now, I’ve been with idols thrice for Jejudo projects [GFriend, Twice]
Everyone’s kind and have good manners but [GOT7] is the one that left me with the most impression

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Back in 2015, when GOT7 was chosen as the main models for a shoot on ‘KBOYS x Smart’ magazine, the main photographer, stylist and even editor for the magazine were left only with positive impressions on their first meeting with the members. Praised for their “professional mindset” and commendable work ethic, the magazine’s editor Yusuke Matsuyama even expressed his thoughts on wanting to work with GOT7 again in the future.

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More recently GOT7 also held a surprise birthday party for MC Furaya who is in charge of GOT7’s Japan Fanmeeting tour.

GOT7 Osaka day 2. Before the event, I was told, “there are some things that needs to be discussed, I went to look for the members in the waiting room, suddenly it went dark, then there was cake with staggering number of candles on it! I got a surprise birthday celebration😭I was really happy😭 Thank you all the staff and members 😊Next is Hiroshima!

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Not one to be bounded by geographical locations, GOT7 also made the staff fall in love with them in Thailand. In 2017, GOT7 shot a commercial film for EST and the production company posted about GOT7 after the completion of the project.

Everyone, make some noise for GOT7 …. I’ve worked with Korean idols many times
But GOT7 is the coolest, thank you Pam TaratipSuporn Denpaisarn and the EST team for trusting and choosing #Mondayagency #estเท่านั้นฟินสุดซี้ดกับGOT7

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As the leader of GOT7, JB has set a good example for his fellow members to follow in his footsteps. During their previous reality series ‘Hard Carry’, the personalities of GOT7 were analyzed by a professional psychologist, where he was left impressed with JB’s ability to manage the group members, such that he even deemed that JB could possibly become one of the best idol group leaders in the KPOP industry. Watch here from 30:30-31:20 to watch the full clip with English Subtitles!

During a shoot in Thailand, a member of GET7 (acting doubles for GOT7 during the shoot) especially praised JB for his kind nature and said how even though he was a guy, his heart fluttered from JB’s attitude and actions towards him. He went on to mention that Ahgases are loving the right people and to show GOT7 with lots of love and support for a long time.

And every time they walk into the set to switch with us. Pijabom always walked in smiling. And he would hold my hand. 

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At the  V Live Year End Party held in Vietnam on the 19th of January, a staff who had a short first encounter with Mark could not help but shower him with endless compliments because of his courteous and gentle character. She even commented that everyone backstage were so impressed with how good-natured and down to earth Mark was, that they couldn’t help but praise him.

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Recently, Mark graced the cover of ChicTeen’s March 2018 issue, where the editor complimented him on his gracious attitude and sincerity towards all staff. She expressed that he “constantly showed his gratitude, and was afraid that he could not take care of everyone”.

Tuan Yi En was always showing his gratitude, and was afraid that he was not able to take care of everyone. He would stop along a short walkway of less than 10m, and earnestly bow to thank everyone for their support. 

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In a separate interview with Sudsapda, the team in Thailand also praised him for his efforts.

We can say that Mark’s solo fashion shoot in Thailand went by smoothly and was an enjoyable one because Mark was so cheerful and down to earth to the point of doing whatever we requested. He spoke a lot of Thai to the staff and we helped to update his vocabulary list. He was also very hard-working. How can we not fall in love with him, right?

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Same-aged best friends Jinyoung and Jackson are no exception when it came to receiving love from staff due to their mannerism and attitude towards staff. Back in 2016, Jackson went to ChongQing, China to film for an audition show, where JYP was scouting for trainees for a new Chinese boy group. After the end of the filming, Jackson suddenly disappeared, and a staff working on set found him comforting the kids who were eliminated during the auditions. She mentioned that it was something he was not obliged to do, but instead that he took the initiative on his own to comfort the participants. His sincere and emphatic actions left the staff in awe, making her realize that even idols could be this sweet and genuine.

When Jackson recorded for ‘Go Fighting’ in China, a staff member who worked with him also couldn’t help but commend his attitude.

Wang Jia Er really has the best attitude, is the most serious, most polite out of people I have worked with. Most most most most! Countless most! I really think he’s great! Hope that everyone love and care more for this boy! Really want to work with him again for another 1000000000000 times!!

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Regardless of where he worked, Jackson’s loving and sweet demeanor won over the hearts of staff. He even gave out chocolates to a staff member who worked with him on Inkigayo when he an MC there at that time and even made the effort to write a hand-written letter, thanking the staff for his help. Touched by Jackson’s kind gesture, the staff took to Instagram to praise him, playfully mentioning that it was his “first time receiving chocolates from a guy on Valentine’s Day”.

Credits: @HaetbitMark (Twitter)

Jinyoung, who filmed his first movie as a male-lead in ‘Snow Flurries” was loved and adored by the staff working on the movie set. A fansite of Jinyoung’s asked the staff to take good care of Jinyoung during the movie shoot and they replied with compliments for the young actor.

Jinyoung and BamBam used to be “interning MCs” at MCountdown, joining the main MCs every Thursday for a year to host the music program. On their last day as MCs for the show, a staff from MCountdown took the time to post on Instagram, congratulating the duo on their graduation as “interning MCs” and expressed her sadness in not being able to see them weekly in the future. She even went on to add that BamBam and Jinyoung were both very hardworking and practiced a lot for the show among themselves, and wished them all the best in their future endeavors.

From another broadcasting station, MBC, a staff too put up her account of meeting Jinyoung after he was done filming for a show on the said network. Although she was not part of the team for that particular show, he was extremely kind to everyone he met and took photos despite his manager saying no.

A JYPE staff member who works with Youngjae and takes care of Coco a lot mentioned that when she nagged at Youngjae and asked if he was working hard, Youngjae would say “he is really working hard and bring over one of the songs he worked on”. His hardworking attitude won over her heart, as she expressed her full support towards GOT7 and Youngjae.

Furthermore, when Jinyoung and Youngjae appeared as special guests on a radio show back in late 2016, the staff who was a writer of ‘KPOP Planet’ took to Instagram to thank Youngjae for not forgetting him. As this was not GOT7’s first encounter with the writer, he was impressed that GOT7 remembered his face and name.

Through a singing app, donations were made in relation to the score they received, and a ‘hope badge’ was given to participating teams. GOT7 participated in the event, and being the main-vocal of GOT7, Youngjae represented GOT7 to receive the badge and even mentioned that he would wear it on stage. Upon seeing Youngae truly wearing it on stage, the staff was thankful and also mentioned that GOT7 is really kind.

Last but definitely not to be forgotten, with the older members leading such a good example for the youngest members in the team, BamBam and Yugyeom’s acts of kindness and mannerism towards staff working with them definitely do not pale in comparison with the older members.

At a ‘Summer Vacation with GOT7’ event, another staff who was assigned to BamBam during the event couldn’t help but compliment his kindness. She mentioned that as the members were leaving, BamBam didn’t stand up so she was wondering what he was doing, and it turned out that he was taking the time to sign their photos and give them out before everyone left. Because of BamBam’s act of kindness, the staff expressed that “today was warm”.

Just very recently, the brand creator for AIS Thailand also wrote on her Instagram on BamBam’s professionalism upon working together. Other than the brand creator, the CEO of AIS as well as his co-ambassador too praised him for his work ethics.

Welcome N’BamBam @bambam1a to AIS Family 💚🐦 He is very sweet and a true professional. We, AIS, are really impressed 💚💚💚💚 #aisfamily #AISNEXTG

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In March, GOT7 appeared on Hongkira as guests to promote their newly released mini-album, ‘Eyes On You’. During the radio program, an Ahgase sent in a screen-capture of a conversation her friend had sent to her, and in the conversation, it was mentioned that Yugyeom wrote down the names of staff in a notebook so that he could memorize them. He clarified on the radio broadcast that he has now memorized their names, but he used to save the names of staff on the ‘Notes’ section of his phone, to remember the names of the people whom they meet often and that took care of them. Upon hearing this, the radio DJ, Lee Hongki and the members chimed in unison that Yugyeom is “so kind-hearted”.

Furthermore, after his win on a dance program ‘Hit The Stage’, the writer for the show revealed that she has converted into being a fan and posted a photo with him, complimenting him for his hard work and mentioned how he was so cool and lovable. She further revealed that Yugyeom had presented her with a signed GOT7 album, and further commended his attitude towards dancing and how he “knows how to treasure his people”. With a mother’s heart, she wished him all the best for his future growth as a dancer and artist, saying that “even when (he) is tired, (he) worked so hard”.

It is very heart-warming to see that all the members of GOT7 appreciate the hard work and efforts of all who help them in their journey as idols. Evidenced by the numerous positive feedback and supportive messages to the members by staff who have worked with GOT7, one thing is clear that GOT7’s polite mannerism and hardworking attitude is the main reason why they are adored and cherished by so many people today. Knowing that the members of GOT7 are such genuine and down to earth individuals unquestionably gives Ahgases the right and confidence to stand tall and proud as their fan amongst the sea of other fandoms.

Let’s keep walking on a flower path, GOT7 and I GOT7!

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