GOT7 Mark’s orbit, flying even higher [DAZED MAY 2017] (Mark)


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You can’t write him off as simply due to luck. GOT7 Mark’s orbit in flying even higher.


It’s your first solo shoot.
I feel really happy. I’ve always wanted to try one and today my wish finally came true.

You went to New Zealand to film for Law of the Jungle. Since you’re always been an extreme sports mania, it seems like you would have adapted well to the jungle.
It’s completely different from sports. It’s definitely tougher than I thought.

How was it visiting a place that is blocked from civilization?
Firstly, there are many things to do in the jungle.  You don’t even think about your hand phone or the internet. Throughout the day, you’re looking for food and building up the house; there were so many things to do so we were continuously busy.

Do you think you’ll be able to live forever in that kind of place?
Honestly, I don’t think I can. I do want to return to it but I think living there would be difficult (laughs).

What was the first thing you wanted to do as you returned to Seoul?
I really wanted to eat kimchi jjigae and tteokbokki.

You’re pretty much a Korean now.
I like kimchi, regardless if it’s preserved or fresh.  Lately I’ve been stuck on radish kimchi.

Born in LA, you’ve lived in various countries such as Paraguay, Brazil and now Korea. Seems like there would be pros and cons to that.
There are definitely more pros to it. In a month too, we visit numerous countries due to our performances; that way you get access to various cultures and it’s enjoyable.

Are there times when you miss your family in LA?
During our fan meeting in January, we went to the States and I met my parents. Almost every day I video call my family members and see them so it doesn’t feel like they are too far away from me.

Your dad uploads photos of you during childhood from time to time. The fans really like it.
He doesn’t say anything to me and uploads it so there are times when I get flustered but since the fans like it, I do too.

Lately GOT7’s popularity is rising. You’ve received good response from the mini album [FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL]; comparing debut and now, are there any internal or external changes?
There aren’t huge changes but lately when we go to fan meetings, we see many new faces. Feels like now bit by bit we’re gaining fans. I’m happy.

Is it because many good things are happening; fans said that Mark has begun talking more and became brighter.
Although I was the type to not express myself much, when we first debuted I was still clumsy in Korean (language) so even when we did interviews, I didn’t say much. These days, I work hard in talking more and I also actively express my affection towards the members. Guess I’ve gotten a little more comfortable.

You’ll be having a Japan Arena (tour) in June. Feels like it would be special, how do you feel?
Previously as we stood on that stage opening for 2PM hyungs’ concert, I did think of when would we be able to stand on that kind of stage for our own performances and now finally, we’re able to do concerts on that stage.  I’m very grateful, truly happy and I’m thankful.

Congratulations. You’re also actively writing and composing songs. How do you work on songs?
I work mostly with Yugyeom who is the vocal in the team and a composer hyung. Together with the composer, Yugyeom and I decide on either the song genre or feel and then Yugyeom and I work on the melody, lyrics and rap together. When we talk about love, there are many instances when we think of fans and write them.

What are some of the songs that you’re enjoying lately?
I like music from Chris Brown, Drake, A$AP Rocky and Tyga but all of a sudden lately I’ve been stuck on songs from English boybands from the 1990s such as *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys so I look them up and listen to them.

If you were to do a unit promotion, which member would you like to do it with?
This question is difficult. I want to do it with either Jaebum or Jinyoung. For Jaebum, I feel like his vocal matches well with mine and for Jinyoung, it’s because he has a similar image to mine.

You’re popular for being an idol group member who has great casual style. You have a lot of interest in fashion and your styling is great as well, what do you pay attention to the most when you’re wearing your clothes?
Comfortable clothes are the best. Since I have to board the plane a lot, I avoid clothes that would be suave but uncomfortable to move in. My biggest concern lately would be in being comfortable yet looking stylish.

The fashion brand you like the most?
I like Vetements lately. It’s trendy and there are many oversize fit so it’s comfy.

Now you’re 25. Are there any moments when you suddenly think ‘Ah I’m an adult now’?
To say I’m an adult, I still have so much more to learn. Still sometimes when I see myself going through the busy schedules, I go ‘Ah guess I’m somewhat an adult.’

Lastly, what kind of artist would you like to be?
For example, like Kanye West or A$AP Rocky, while doing the kind of music I’d like to do, I want to be an iconic artist whom many people can identify with and be acknowledged by.


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