Don’t ask me who I am anymore. I am Wang Jia Er Jackson! [LIFESTYLE FEB 2017] (Jackson)


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Nothing should be taken for granted. I think that I am who I am, being myself will suffice, so that I won’t let myself and others down. Taking care of myself, taking care of my family and taking care of those who love me, this is why I choose to strive hard so that they can be proud of me.

– Wang Jia Er Jackson

The already rather popular Wang Jia Er keeps saying one sentence: “ Stop asking who I am, I am Wang Jia Er!” He woke up 5am in the morning to catch a flight to rush from Macau to Beijing for the shooting of our cover. In the whole process, it allowed us to see that Wang Jia Er dares to go for it, he’s modest, he’s thankful and he’s the Wang Jia Er that we are proud of.

“Nothing should be taken for granted”. Wang Jia Er’s domestic popularity is continuing to rise, Weibo comments and fans are counted in tens of thousands and huge amount of fans come to pick him up at the airport. When he was asked whether is he troubled because of his super high popularity, he very modestly said “I don’t have the right to say troubled, nothing should be taken for granted”. From how he sees it, it is not for granted that his parents bring him up, the fans love for him is also not for granted and all these people who are nice to him, he should thus be good to them, he should be thankful and grateful. At just one moment, such a Wang Jia Er moved me.

Prior to the interview, I was unsettled because that is a boy who is in his prime youth, sunshine and fairly popular. He was so dazzling it hurts the eyes and I did not dare to approach him. But when I walked in and scanned around for him, someone stood up beside me and said: “Aren’t you guys eating? Let’s eat together!” That’s him! Not only that, throughout the whole shoot and interviewing process he continuously told everyone “you’ve worked hard, thank you”. He was friendly to everyone, took the initiative to say hello and shake hands. It is also because of this, that he is so popular with people, that there’s the “He Er Meng” combination and that he’s an artiste that knows half of the people at the Korean entertainment circle. He said as long as you are true to others, others will also be true to you. Don’t expect anything in return when you are nice to someone. Just be nice to him, so that you won’t let yourself and others down.

How many people fell in love with the natural and be myself boy Wang Jia Er because of <Go Fridge>. After that he participated in various variety shows over time, <Fighting Men> <University students are here> <Happy camp> and <Top Surprise> etc. His performances on these shows drew attention onto him and many seniors said that he has the potential. But he instead said that he did not perform very well. Just “be myself” and not to be others, or to change yourself because of some sayings. “I think that I am who I am, if I change for others I will never finish changing myself. No one is perfect, whatever you do there would be people who like and dislike it. How do you satisfy the whole world? Right, so just be yourself.” Being you is the best choice. How can you satisfy the whole world? What you like will always be the most suitable for you. Only when you can be yourself well, then can you win respect and recognition.

He’s always been the Wang Jia Er that’s being himself, handsome and firm. He has been continuously striving hard too, for those that he loves and takes care of and for those who love and take care of him and for the success in his heart.

“Stop asking me who I am! I am Wang Jia Er!”

Q&A Conversation Wang Jia Er

Q= <Lifestyle> A= Wang Jia Er


——– 1 ——–

“Stop asking me who I am”

Q: “Stop asking me who I am! I am Wang Jia Er!” This is a sentence you’ve said many times in 2016. It’s quite domineering and has a character to it. What kind of Wang Jia Er do you want to be?

A: I want to be a Wang Jia Er that hopefully everyone knows and everyone who knows me it will be because they like my work and not my appearance. Just liking the real me. Though I am very lacking and not perfect, but I hope that everyone can like the real Jackson, the true Wang Jia Er.

Q: There’s something we have to mention, that is the “He Er Meng” combination that’s very popular right now. (“Yes!” he shouted loudly) Tell us something interesting you experience with He Jiong, for example a small part of what you recorded that was not aired. In real life do you two meet often too? For example to eat or whatnot.

A: There are interesting happenings every time. To me, He Jiong hyung is the “owner” and “benefactor” that brought me into this (hosting) circle. My Chinese was not so good at the start, after all I am Chinese but I speak Cantonese and shanghainese when I am at home. I don’t speak mandarin as much, other than to my maternal grandparents. I did not know many Chinese words back then too and I didn’t know how to use Weibo. Everything was taught to me by He Jiong hyung, he is the hyung that I am thankful to for life. Of course we meet in real life, every time we finish filming <Go Fridge> we would go eat non-spicy flavoured prawns, steamed and barbecued.

Q: What was the happiest or the biggest takeaway from < Go Fridge>?

A: On the surface it looks like a food program, but from how I see it, it is more of a warm family program. It taught me the importance of family. Actually happiness is not that complicated, you can be very blessed and very happy easily. A family gathering around to eat and chitchat can also be very happy. These are all the happiness that can be achieved simply, it’s a happiness that you cannot buy even with money.

Q: After <Go Fridge> you also hosted <Fresh Sunday> with He Jiong and they are all food related. Are you someone who loves food? What kinds of food do you like? Please give us examples on what kind of dishes you like.

A: This program has already finished airing, whether or not it will be continued next season, we have to ask Hu Nan Wei Shi (Laughs). I love to eat Chinese food, food stalls, Cantonese and Shanghainese cuisines that are not spicy.


——– 2 ——–

His variety and music

Q: I think you are particularly firm, you know what kind of person you want to be.

A: I am more daring to try, daring to strive, not afraid and be myself.

Q: That’s why you went from being a singer to hosting variety shows. Do you have any plans coming up for TV and films area? Are there any roles you would like to try?

A: I always had plans for this area so please contact me everyone (laughs). Action and comedy films were goals I wanted to achieve/do since I was young. If really really (raises his tone very adorably) no one comes to find me, then I’ll go be the backdrop. I can even act as a tree (oh right, you mentioned before even if it’s acting as a tree you would have to act it out very seriously)

Q: 2016 could be said to be a pretty fruitful year, you consecutively received Ten Cent video’s “Star Awards” – 2016 New Variety Star award of the year and 2017 Weibo Awards – Weibo Popular Artiste of the year. <Go Fridge> also got the “2016 Web variety show of the year” award. Evaluate your 2016.

A: I feel that 2016 to me is like a preparation before the start, a cushion that’s preparing my start. 2017 is then where I start, I’ll dare to strive hard in all areas. I want everyone in the China airports to know who I am. This is my goal.

Q: Do you have a limit on the people who like you?

A: Really and honestly speaking, I hope that from 1 year olds to 70 year olds all of them would know me. Whether they like me or not, I can’t control. But I feel that if I work hard, I can allow more people to know me.

Q: Music-wise, GOT7 released two albums last year and received many awards year-end. Receiving love from many fans from all over Asia and the global concert tour you guys held also garnered a lot of attention. You also composed the songs <WOLO> and < Boomx3>. Let’s talk about your music, what kind of music are you looking to have? Following up, what goals do you have music-wise?

A: When we first debuted, the first three albums were not the style we practiced for when we were trainees. During the few years while I was a trainee, we practiced HIP-HOP. From the 5th album onwards, it was then GOT7’s real style. If you start looking at it from that album onwards, such as <If you do> <Fly> then you would see that there is something in common – and you would know this is actually GOT7’s style. What I want to do most is to entertain everyone, to make everyone happy. No matter whether it’s music, TV and films, variety, I want people to be happy after seeing my work and say that it is a really good piece of work.

——– 3 ——–

His fashion icon

Q: Following your rise in popularity, domestic media’s attention on you also has been on the rise especially the attention from fashion media. (“Don’t lie to me” he said cutely) What’s your personal understanding of fashion? What kind of dressing style do you like?

A: Actually honestly speaking, for the same piece of clothing it depends on who wears it. Seeing me wear it would result in a decrease of fans (laughs). What I like most is not wearing, not wearing anything on top. I really don’t wear anything on top at home, no matter whether my figure is good or not I just don’t wear anything on top at home. Comfort. You ask me what fashion is. Actually as long as it fits your own style, that will suffice.

Q: It is said that thermal pants are a fashion killer. You always remind fans to wear thermal pants, come teach everyone how to wear thermal pants fashionably.

A: Really? Can I take some photos only wearing my thermal pants? Not wearing anything on top. Just wearing golden thermal pants on the bottom, tight, made of silk and my mommy bought them for me. (Really can’t imagine how to wear a pair of thermal pants so that it looks very fashionable, I guess only you can do it?) Of course. Wear it if I can, no one has ever tried before. Try it. It’s all gold in colour. I think it’s quite good.

Q: You are getting busier, what are your hobbies or interests when you are not working?

A: Sleep, working out or drive out to play. Drive on my own and go for a ride, drive to I have no idea where then return home.

Q: It’s the eve of China’s valentine’s day on the day this magazine is published. Say a few words to the fans that are still single.

A: When it gets tiring I really asked myself before, is it worth it to do so many things. I tell myself every time that I am very happy, there are so many people loving and taking care of me. Really for them, I don’t want to disappoint them, I don’t want them to be looked down upon when they go out and say, “I am Wang Jia Er’s fan”. I want them to feel proud because of me. That is why I choose to strive hard.

Q: So what do you think success is?

A: Success is being able to take good care of myself, take good care of my family and take good care of the many people who love me. Getting the recognition from many people. I think this is success and it’s not those who give me recognition because I am good looking but those who give my recognition for who I am inside.

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