Korean albums

Released on 20th January 2014, GOT7’s debut album is named Got It?. Consisting of 6 tracks,  title track Girls Girls Girls  is a hip-hop song both written and composed directly by Producer J.Y. Park (a.k.a. “The Asiansoul”).

1. Hello
2. Girls Girls Girls (Title)
3. I Like You
4. Follow Me
5. Like Oh
6. Playground


On 23rd June 2014, GOT7 returns with their second mini album named GOT♡. The album is made up of 8 tracks and title track A is once again written and composed directly by J.Y. Park. Leader JB contributed  to the writing (lyrics) of the third track in the album, Bad Behaviour.

1. U Got Me
2. A (Title)
3. Bad Behaviour
4. Good Tonight
5. Forever Young
6. A (“collapsedone” Remix)
7. A (TOYO Remix)
8. A (FRANTS Remix)


GOT7 makes a comeback with their first full album Identify on 18th November 2014. Made up of 11 tracks, the album includes previous titles tracks such as Girls Girls Girls and A. Title song Stop Stop It, composed and written by J.Y. Park, is meant to showcase GOT7’s groove and cool performance. Jackson participated in the writing of fifth track, Just Tonight.

1. Stop stop it (Title)
2. Gimme
3. Take My Hand
4. Magnetic
5. Just Tonight
6. Turn Up the Music
7. Stay
8. Moonlight
9. She’s a monster
10. Girls Girls Girls
11. A


6 months after the last album,  GOT7 returns with their third mini album Just Right.  Although title song Just Right is written by J.Y. Park and composed by other composers, this album sees a couple of contribution from the GOT7 members themselves. JB participated in rap making for the fifth track Mine, while Jackson and Mark both participated in the rap making for the sixth track, Back To Me.

1. Just right (Title)
2. Before The Full Moon Rises
3. My Reaction
4. Nice
5. Mine
6. Back To Me


Shortly after the completion of the Just Right promotions, GOT7 announced a new mini album, titled MAD.  Taking a different concept from their previous albums, GOT7 returns with masculine looks. As per their previous album, members contributed to some of the tracks in the album. Jackson and Mark both participated in the rap making for the third and  fourth track, Feelin’ Good and GOOD. Jackson also participated in writing for the last track on the album, Tic Tic Tok.

1. If You Do (Title)
2. Put them up
3. Feelin’ Good
5. Eyes On
6. Tic Tic Tok


On 23rd November 2015, GOT7 released MAD WINTER EDITION, a repackaged of edition of MAD. The album which consists of 11 songs,  includes title song Confession Song as well as 2 additional songs. The first, Everyday, is JB‘s first self-written song while To. Star features Jinyoung‘s lyrics.

1. Confession Song (Title)
2. Everyday
3. To. Star
4. If You Do
5. Put them up
6. Feelin’ Good
8. Eyes On
9. Tic Tic Tok
10. If You Do (Stage ver.)


GOT7’s fifth mini album, FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE was released on 21st March 2016. Boasting 8 songs, the members had a hand in 6 of the songs.  The second song on the album, Can’t, is written and composed by Jinyoung with Mark helping out for the lyrics. JB wrote and composed Something Good with rap making done by BamBam. JB also wrote and composed FISH and HOME RUN. Youngjae wrote and composed REWIND while BamBam contributed to the rap making for Mark’s and Yugyeom’s composition, See The Light.

1. Fly (Title)
2. Can’t
3. See The Light
6. Beggin on my knees
7. Something Good
8. HOME RUN (Title)


On 27th September 2016, GOT7 released their second full studio album, FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE. As per the previous album, GOT7 participated in the creation of 11 songs, out of the 13 songs released. JB wrote and composed skywayProve It and together with BamBam‘s rap, completed Dreamin’Jinyoung wrote and composed Mayday while Youngjae wrote and composed HEY and Sick. Sick‘s rap making was contributed by Mark and JacksonJackson wrote and composed Boom x3 and together with BamBam, participated in writing the lyrics alongside Mark and Yugyeom for their composition, No Jam. In addition, Mark wrote and composed My Home and Let MeMark and BamBam also both wrote lyrics for If.

1. skyway
2. Hard Carry (Title)
3. Boom x3
4. Prove It
5. No Jam
6. HEY
7. Mayday
8. My Home
9. Who’s That
10. If
11. Sick
12. Dreamin’
13. Let Me


On 13th March 2017, GOT7 released the final album for the FLIGHT LOG trilogy, named FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL.  With a total of 8 songs in this album, J.Y. Park once again participated in the composition of title song, Never Ever. All the other songs in the albums saw input from the members. Shopping Mall was the composition of Jackson with additional writing credits from Mark, BamBam and JB. Paradise was the work of Jinyoung’s and BamBam  contributed to writing the lyrics. Sign was the brainchild of Youngjae while Go Higher was JB‘s creation and Jackson, Mark and BamBam contributed towards the lyrics. was also JB‘s production and Don’t Care was Yugyeom’sOut on the other hand, was Jackson‘s composition.

1. Never Ever (Title)
2. Shopping Mall
3. Paradise
4. Sign
5. Go Higher
6. Q
7. Don’t Care
8. OUT