Japanese albums

Making their debut in Japan, GOT7 released their first single, AROUND THE WORLD on 22nd October 2014. The single consists of two songs, the second one written by label mate 2PM member, Jun.k.

1. Around The World
2. So Lucky 


8 months after their first single, GOT7 drops their second single titled Love Train on 10th October 2015.

1. Love Train
2. O.M.G


Just 3 months later, on 23rd July 2015, GOT7 released their third single, Laugh Laugh Laugh.

1. Laugh Laugh Laugh
2. Be My Girl


After 3 successful singles, GOT7 returns to the industry on 3rd February 2016 with a full album. Titled Moriagatte Yo, the album is made up of 12 songs: 6 new songs and 6 older tracks (from the previous singles). Label mate 2PM Wooyoung produced title track, Yo Moriagatte Yo. The B version of the album includes the Japan remake of their Korean titles songs, Girls Girls Girls, A, Stop Stop It, Just Right

1. Shaking The World
2. Yo Moriagatte Yo (Title)
3. Got Ur Luv
4. Laugh Laugh Laugh
5. Be My Girl
6. Around The World
7. Love Train
8. Jibberish
9. O.M.G.
10. Angel
11. Stay
12. So Lucky

Limited Edition B:

13. Girls Girls Girls -Japanese ver.-
14. A -Japanese ver.-
15. Stop stop it -Japanese ver.-
16. Just right -Japanese ver.-


Returning with a mini album, GOT7 dropped Hey Yah on 16th November 2016. The album features a song called Let Me Know, which is composed and written by Yugyeom. Bonus track, If I Never Let You Go, is composed and written by leader JB.

1. Hey Yah (Title)
2. Never Stop
3. Let Me Know
4. Attention
5. Over & Over
6. If I Never Let You Go



On 24th May 2017, GOT7 released their fourth single, MY SWAGGER. The second song on the single, Meet Me, is composed and written by leader JB.

2. Meet Me