“Cute Side” Exposé! [JUNON JULY 2017]


Things that only the members know, unexpected honesty!?

The release of their 4th single “My Swagger” and the live performance at Yoyogi National 1st Gymnasium! GOT7’s appeal is not just their exceptionally cool performance. As they are staying together and the 7 of them are close even in private, they are going to expose one another’s real/true cute side!

They are the cutest when laughing heartily!

YJ: What’s cute about JB is the skin on his neck (laughs).
JB: Because I stretch it often.
YJ: Can you do it? (JB stretches his neck) Adam’s apple~!!
BB: If a girl is on a movie date with JB and is bored, JB can just stretch his neck. It will make her fell better (laughs).
YJ: Also, another thing about JB that will make hearts skip a beat is his shoulders that are like the Pacific Ocean!
JB: Although they are sturdy/well built by nature, I did B-BOY when I was young and they got even wider (laughs).
BB: When YJ burst out laughing, you will look at him and think he is cute. His face when he laughs his heart out without reservation will make a girl’s heart skip a beat, won’t it? When you are with him, the world becomes brighter!
JB: YJ’s soft cheeks are his appeal. (While squishing YJ’s cheeks) See, so cute ~ ♡ But when he speaks he is very manly. I think girls will fall for the disparity (between these two sides of him).
BB: I’m already 20 years old, I’m not cute anymore.
YJ: That’s just what BB thinks. The fact is that he is still cute like a baby (laughs). When he went on a music program in Korea wearing a pair of sunglasses, he looked really fresh and cool!
BB: Then I’ll wear sunglasses when I go on a date.
JB: No, you already make a girl’s heart skip a beat as it is. Afterall, you are a handsome guy! (laughs)
BB: MK’s appearance is cute to begin with. However, he is the man among man/manliest of man. Jackson is full of aegyo and is really cheerful and interesting!
JB: JY is serious/honest. This can be cute at times and not cute at times (laughs).
BB: YG is really not cute at all (laughs).
JB: (You say this) Even though you guys are fellow makanes and have a good relationship (laughs).
YJ: YG has aegyo but only we get to see it. When he is forced to do something in front of the fans, he is really cute when he looks embarrassed.

Look at the skin that is just like honey!

MK: Although JY is really serious, he makes fun of the younger ones a lot.
YG: After which, when he says “sorry” and apologises, he is really cute (laughs).
MK: He is able to show his concern in a nonchalant way, I think this will give girls the butterflies.
JY: JS is really playful when he does MC during the concerts.
YG: When we praise the other members, JS will get jealous and go “say I’m cool too ~!” (laughs).
MK: Actually he is very sensitive, and he is cute when he looks at you with his puppy eyes (laughs).
YG: But he is very manly on this inside, your heart may skip a beat when you find out.
JS: MK’s greatest appeal is how mysterious he is. Please (also) look at his honey-like skin!
YG: But in contrast to his appearance, he tells cold/bad jokes.
MK: That is because I’m interesting/funny!
JS: He used to be very quiet in the past, but now he has become someone who tells this kind of jokes.
JY: YG’s nose is cute. Won’t a girl find it sexy when she looks at his nose? Look! Look!
YG: Stop it~ (laughs bashfully).
MK: Because he is a really shy person, it makes me want to play around with him and make him do aegyo during our concerts (laughs).
YG: JB is the perfect leader. But he can be absent-minded at times.
JY: When we go on the music programmes in Korea, he is conscious of other idols, and will dance as though to say “Look at me!” and that was cute. YJ always practices his vocals very loudly when we are travelling around in the car.
JS: Even when I turn up the volume of my phone to watch a video, YJ’s voice is so loud that I cannot hear anything (laughs).
JY: BB has a baby face. But he tries to dance as though to say “I’m a man!”. That is cute.
YG: That’s not cute right? (laughs)
JS: He is cute like a little brother! Makes me want to protect him.

Talk about “MY SWAGGER”

Although the dance exudes an air of arrogance, in reality, we are not like that (laugh)

YG: “MY SWAGGER” is a song full of energy. It has the message “don’t set boundaries for yourself and take a new step forward into the future”.
YJ: The phrase “My walking is my swagger yoohoo-!” is the “killing” part. “Tip tap” is repeated over and over again and it will get stuck in your head.
MK: The dance is really hard.
YG: Because we hardly have time to rest in between (laughs). The main point (about the dance), is where we put our hands in our pockets and dance in an arrogant way.
JS: But in reality, we are not arrogant at all (laughs).
MK: We shot the MV in Korea.
JB: We shot it with the atmosphere of a house party.
YJ: We played basketball, rode on a bicycle and motorbike, ate pizza, shopped and picked out clothes.
YG: Even though the single will be released in summer, we shot it in the midst of the winter, it was so cold we could see our breath… (laugh). For a moment, it even snowed.
JS: But I think we made a fantastic and cool MV!
MK: I think we are able to convey the appeal of the song through the colourful images.
JB: The B-side track “MEET ME” is a song written, composed and produced by me. The song is about “Be my girlfriend!”, and I wrote the song while imagining that kind of feelings.
YJ: I feel good because I have a lot of parts (in the song) (laughs).
JB: I divided the parts equally though. Because I’m a fair person.
BB: “MEET ME” was chosen through voting by the members.
JY: You will be immersed in JB’s R&B style. Although the melody has a hip-hop feel, the lyrics are really sweet. This is the JB style.
BB: It contains all of JB’s pureness and cuteness.
JB: Although I also like songs that are dark/gloomy, I decided to make a song that will suit GOT7’s bright image and I worked very hard on it. Please listen to it!