Chase chase chase! A musician that doesn’t stop progressing [Vogueme June 18] (Jackson)



Wang Jia Er seems to have unlimited potential and explosive force in him. He’s a musician that loves music and also a serious dancer. He interchanges freely between different identities and he’s also constantly moving forward on the path of searching for (his) dreams.


What different feeling did you have shooting in Rome this time?

The shoot in Rome this time feels very different. Compared to filming for my MV or some other scenes in Asia, Rome has a lot of things I’ve never shot before.

The view was very magnificent at the part where you filmed while sitting on the roof. How did you feel at that point of time?

The whole view was spectacular. The most important thing was that the building is Fendi’s headquarters and it’s also the tallest building in the whole of Rome so it was very unforgettable for me. I’ll probably never forget about that moment my whole life. I especially wanted to shout this: Fendi man!



What do you enjoy most about participating in ‘Hot-Blood Dance Crew’?

Everyone, no matter whether in front or behind the scenes, contestants, conveners or directors, all love music. Everyone assimilates into the atmosphere of enjoying music. Everyone is on the same channel. Everyone’s respect and love for music, their very ‘hungry’ hearts, will all infect me.

In addition to technique, what’s the must-have characteristic that a dancer should possess?

Love music! And not take music as a job or something you must do.

In ‘Hot-Blood Dance Crew’ we saw your very strict side (it was even a bit “fierce”). Is that because you are more nervous when working? Or within your character there’s actually a very strict side?

No. Actually art is just art, it’s a piece of work. Though reality shows presents a relaxed state of things, everyone can have fun together but music, no matter if it’s dancing or rapping, we still got to treat it seriously. When we shouldn’t have fun then we shouldn’t have. We must do appropriate things at appropriate occasions.

How did the inspiration of the lyrics for your recent single ‘Dawn Of Us’ come to your mind?

Actually I wanted to express love. This love can be family love, friendship love or romantic love. And you can see that there are 3 actresses of different nationalities so this love also represents love without borders. What I wanted to bring out was a borderless love and a new start. Every song I make is done freely and I let myself go when I do it.

How should the studio that you want most for making music look like?

A room, a computer, recorder, microphone. That’s it. Just that simple. And also a sofa that’ll allow me to be comfortable.



You also mentioned before in the program that you don’t dare to relax for even one moment. What’s the most fundamental driving force of this tenseness?

Actually it is not about losing to anyone. There’s nothing to compare. It’s just being myself. I’m afraid that once I relax, I can’t catch up with myself then I’ll feel very insecure. It is also because I like music that I keep moving forward like this.


You also mentioned that an opportunity came by but you weren’t good enough and couldn’t grab it. Would like to know what kind of opportunities come would make you feel like you happen to feel ready and feel like “thank goodness” for the effort you have made (before)?

Opportunities are not (something) that’s forever (existing). It’s not decided by yourself either. When it comes, it will come. When it doesn’t come, it’s useless no matter how much you wait for it. You don’t know when it’ll come. It’s precisely because of this, that you don’t have control over it. It may come tomorrow, it may also not come. It may also come after 10 years. This is something you cannot control. The only thing you can control is to be yourself well. When the opportunity arises, control and grasp it well.

How would you deal with people you don’t like but have to work with?

I’ll be natural and maybe be better to him/her. If I’m bad to him/her wouldn’t it be worse? If I’m good to him/her, I would maybe feel: eh? He/she may not be so bad.

Are you a very self-centered person or someone who especially cares about how others feel?

In between I guess. I’m not always nice to others and I’m also not a bad person. It’s just right. I know very well myself where the line is.

Jackson x Vogue Me
J = Jackson    VM = Vogue Me

VM: When did you feel that you grasped a certain opportunity well?
J: Maybe it’s when I first showcased my own music.

VM: Facing unfamiliar things, have you ever felt afraid inside?
J: No, just thinking of adapting to the environment.

VM: Which trait of yourself do you most want to change?
J: (I) keep going all out without a limit.

VM: What merit in a good friend do you cherish the most?
J: Being able to let go.

VM: What do you usually do on your way to the airport?
J: Listen to songs, write lyrics, watch funny videos to allow myself to relax or zone out, sleep.

VM: What song do you have on loop recently?
J: Daniel Caesar’s Get You.

VM: What are you most afraid of getting asked about at interviews recently?
J: I really am not afraid of others asking anything. Whatever they ask, I’ll just answer honestly…I guess maybe when they ask me when I’m getting married.

VM: What’s the first moment that appears in your head when you recall the happiest moment recently?
J: There’s none recently. Previously was probably when I released my first single.

VM: What is the most perfect “happy” picture in your head right now?
J: My own world tour.


Source Vougeme