a star burning so bright, you are embedded in our hearts; happy birthday BamBam



Where do we start? How do we start talking about someone we hold so dear to our heart?

For those who have had the privilege of knowing BamBam from the early days of debut has watched this young man grow from an adorable boy to become the person he is now. In the earlier years of their debut, he was a fresh bubbling source of energy, adorable and hyper. He kept up (still do) with the latest trends and memes, often making the fans feel that much closer to someone who is physically thousand of miles away.

Leaving his home country at the tender age of 13, he was forced to grow faster than the rest of his peers. He debuted at merely 17 and belonging to a single parent household, he quickly became the breadwinner for his family in Thailand. Beyond the heavy responsibilities on his shoulders, he was just a boy fascinated by the world, freedom and fame bestowed upon him. In the midst of all that, it was inevitable that he crossed certain lines and made some mistakes.


It wasn’t surprising to then see him pull away. He has once said that he wouldn’t show his weakness to the world because he was afraid that people might use his weakness against him. How does someone so young end up with a jaded view of the world, we would never know but we watched him stumble over the rocks and we watched him retreat in fear. He stayed in the background, preferring to keep to himself and build a wall.

But we knew he would eventually return to when he was ready. And to us he did return. Stronger and wiser. He became aware of how much influence he has as a role model, he began noticing that the world waits for no one. He grew up. He embraced his responsibility and made sure he did his job well. He whom said that he wanted  to be a beacon of hope for his fans, did just that.

For someone whose voice is often heard, you speak so little of yourself and your traits. You duck away in shyness when people compliment you on your skills and expertise, you refuse to take the credit for yourself when something good happens. You are loud but never for yourself, and sometimes it hurts when people only see you for the young loud teen that you are. But maybe one day the world will notice you for who you are, beyond the loud jokes, to see you for what’s within.

You have shed a thousand skins to become the person you are today.

And if you ever feel overwhelmed by the many people you once were, remember, your bones have grown but what makes them has never changed.

Nikita Gill

And while the world might take some time, we hope you take comfort in knowing that we see you in the moments when you take time out to chat with your fans, we see you in the moments when you decide to open yourself up to us because you trust in us. We see you putting in effort on your interest and then turning it around to make sure the less than fortunate benefits from it. We see you doing things not expected of you because you want to, because it comes from the heart.

You’ve always quietly mentioned that you sometimes miss the chance in living a normal life, in being a normal teenage who spends time with his friends. You quietly lament the loss of your childhood friends, gone with the privacy you gave up when you started on this path. There is not much we can offer to make up for your loss, and even if we tried, nothing would come close. But we promise to be with you every step of the way, and to help your rise to the best of your potential. We’ll be the Milky Way to guide you when the darkness falls upon you, just as you’ve always been our bright star.

There is probably never enough a measure of how much you’re loved and the saddest part of it all is we can never amass our love to prove to you that it’s more than the doubt and hate thrown your way. For someone who has given so much happiness to us who are watching you, it’s unfathomable that even when we gather together, we can’t match what you have given us.

But in what we can’t give to you, we will follow your lead and give back to others.

Thank you for being a wonderful role model even though you’re younger than most of your fans. Thank you for teaching us that wisdom comes to those who open their hearts to be taught. Thank you for showing us that kindness doesn’t have to be reciprocated. Thank you for staying true to your word. But most of all, thank you for being a person we can be truly proud of.

To you, our special someone who has said that every happy moment in your life had been the moments you spend with us, let today be a reminder that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are happy because you have entered our lives. Your life is worth celebrating every day, even more so today so sit back and bask in all the love, because that’s what you deserve.

Happy birthday, BamBam. We love you.