7 minutes for GOT7 (vol. 1)



1. ‘Eyes on You’ release & Vlive Live Premiere

After 5 months since their last release, ‘7 for 7’, GOT7 finally came back with a new mini album, ‘Eyes On You’ which was released on the 12th of March at 6pm (KST). The new mini-album consists of a total of 6 new tracks which were all co-produced by the members of GOT7. ‘Look’, GOT7’s new title track, is self-written and self-composed by leader JB, making ‘Look’ GOT7’s second title song that he took part in producing since the release of ‘You Are’ during the previous comeback.

On the same day, the members performed their new title track on a Vlive Live Premiere showcase, revealing the song’s entire choreography to the public for the first time! During the live premiere, they also performed ‘Us’, together with their previous releases ‘You Are’ and ‘Teenager’. The live premiere which was lead by MC Go Youngbae, included the members talking about the making process as well as mini-introductions to each song in the new mini album.

If you have yet to catch the live premiere, listen to their songs or watch their new MV for ‘Look’, you can do so down below! 

2. Weekly Idol

With their new comeback, all 7 members of GOT7 once again appeared as the main guests on Weekly Idol, receiving a warm welcome from the show’s main MCs Jeong Hyeong Don and Defconn. Known for their beagle-like personalities and close relationship with the MCs, the members displayed great sense and wit during the episode, bringing much laughter to the MCs and staff throughout the recording. As if in their own element, the members seemed really relaxed, whilst joking around jovially with the MCs.

GOT7 once again nailed Weekly Idol’s ‘x2 speed dance’ specialty corner of the show, causing the MCs of the show to shower the members with never-ending compliments. During another corner of the show ‘Show Me the JYP Card’, the members played a variety of games, from imitating birds (Ahgases), in which BamBam and Mark excelled in, guessing slang, to even a ‘radish-pulling’ game. The final winners who got to receive their chosen prizes were Mark (LA return plane ticket), Jackson (50 boxes of wet tissue and 50 boxes of tissue), BamBam (cat tower), Youngjae (air purifier) and Jinyoung (2 laptops). Each game was filled with laughter and chaos as the members’ competitive spirits were slowly evoked with each game. You can catch the full episode of GOT7 on Weekly Idol with English subtitles here!

3. Adidas Endorsement Models

With Jackson’s active promotions in China, it is well-known that Team Wang has become the endorsers of Adidas in China. However, Adidas recently announced that the 7 members of GOT7 will now also be the new representative models of Adidas Originals Korea. Following the announcement, Adidas Originals Korea released a short version as well as the full verison of GOT7’s ‘Look’ performance, where the members can be seen donned in different coloured Adidas tracksuits as they danced the to the choreography of their new title song.


4. ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’ & Cultwo Show

To promote their new title song, this week, GOT7 appeared on two radio shows, ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’ and ‘Cultwo 2PM Show’ on the 13th and 15th of March respectively.

During ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’, apart from introducing their new mini-album to listeners, the members could be seen joking around with one another, revealing stories that they have yet to talk about in public. Although some of the members stayed up late the previous night to monitor the music charts with fans, they showed high levels of professionalism and displayed no signs of fatigue during the broadcast.

In another corner of the broadcast, the members also talked about the charms of the member seated next to them, creating a heart-warming atmosphere as the members sang words of praise of one another. The members also took this opportunity to thank their fans for the results they achieved the previous night on the charts, expressing their endless gratitude and appreciation towards Ahgases who put in the effort to stream their music. Catch GOT7’s antics during the full broadcast of ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’ with English subtitles here!

On ‘Cultwo 2PM Show’, the members of GOT7 appeared as guests with solo-artist Heyne. During the broadcast, the members once again mentioned about the results in which ‘Look’ achieved on music charts in the previous days, thanking Ahgases once again for their unwavering love and support towards GOT7. They also performed a live version of ‘Look’ and ‘Us’, which received praises from Heyne and the radio DJs.

Unfortunately, during the live performance, Yugyeom had a slight voice crack during one of his parts, causing some of the members to burst into laughter while Yugyeom blushed in embarrassment. Yugyeom was flustered, mentioning that this was his first time to go out of tune while singing live. To calm the youngest member down, the older members could be seen encouraging him in their own ways throughout the remaining of the broadcast, ensuring him that it was okay. Their acts of encouragement portray GOT7’s teamwork and love for each member, giving off a warm feeling to people who witnessed the entire recorded radio show.

During the show, it was also revealed that Mark, who is known to be an avid gamer, is at a ‘Platinum’ level for the online game, ‘Overwatch’. Watch the full radio show here!

5. Working Eat Holiday (Final Episode)

In the previous episodes of the show, the boys had set off to Jeju for their reality show, Working EAT Holiday where they ran their very own food truck in order to pay off their holiday expenses.

With the success of their food truck business in Episode 3, the final episode continues with the boys treating themselves to a widespread of food at a Korean restaurant as they finally get to enjoy their stay in Jeju and fill their stomachs after all the hard work.

With only one day left to spend in Jeju, the members huddled together and brainstormed excitedly about what they wanted to spend their remaining vacation time on over dinner.

The very same night, they boys decided on bowling and split themselves into three teams (JB and Youngjae, Jackson and Jinyoung, Mark, Bambam and Yugyeom) through another round of rock paper scissors.

The members were seen showing off their bowling skills and enjoying their free time off.


Jackson who is known to be the best player out of the members of GOT7 (as seen in RealGOT7 Season 4), emerged victorious, with Jinyoung as his partner. Unfortunately for JB and Youngjae who ended up in last place, they had to face the penalty of preparing breakfast and doing the dishes the next morning.


Throughout the episodes of Working EAT Holiday, JB displayed his commendable cooking abilities in the kitchen, so it was no surprise when Youngjae and him whipped up a delicious morning feast for GOT7 in no time.

After breakfast, the boys packed their bags and headed to a hot spring in their mini cars.

Without a doubt, the playful bunch engaged in a series of games, where the penalties mostly included jumping into the ice pool or serving food.  

The relaxing hot spring left the boys feeling famished and so they headed over to a luxurious restaurant. Mischievous Jackson then suggested playing a round of ‘rock paper scissors’, with the two losers having to eat convenient store food instead.

Ironically, the two losers ended up being himself and Yugyeom. Despite losing, knowing that everyone worked hard during the entire trip, the remaining members of GOT7 who won the game closed an eye to the results and allowed the two to dig into the luxurious seafood spread regardless.

The series ended off with the heart-warming scene of GOT7 ending their short getaway trip to Jeju at the beach by the ocean, taking photos of one another against the scenic background.

GOT7’s Working EAT Holiday in Jeju provided fans with lots of new insights on the boys, showing fans sides which they have yet to see, and is definitely a reality show you shouldn’t miss!

Click down below for all the episodes of GOT7’s Working EAT Holiday in Jeju with English subtitles!

Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4

6. ‘Look’ Comeback stages (M!countdown, Music Core & Inkigayo)

GOT7 appeared on M!countdown, Music Core and Inkigayo, performing ‘Look’ and also the 6th track in their new mini-album, ‘Thank You’ which was self-written and produced by Jinyoung.

The members captivated fans’ hearts with each stage, donned in white formal shirts, using microphone stands for props during ‘Thank You’ stages. With the intense and mesmerizing choreography for ‘Look’, the members could be seen fully utilizing the stages through their dance formations and with the complicated foot and camera work, GOT7 brought something fresh to their performances for this comeback. Catch the full performances down below!


Music Core


7. GOT7 breaks multiple personal records for ‘Eyes On You’

With the help of Ahgases’ unwavering support, GOT7 has achieved their best results yet for a comeback with their new title song ‘Look’ and new mini-album, ‘Eyes On You’.

Even before the release, GOT7 has topped Synnara’s real-time album sales chart for pre-purchases on the 7th of March, staying in the top 3 spots for the whole day. After the release, ‘Eyes On You’ sold 53,944 copies on the first day, and on the second day accumulated a total of 127,139 copies sold, reigning on Hanteo’s real-time chart at #1 for 2 consecutive days. Not long after, just barely 70 hours after the album’s release, GOT7 hit 150k albums sales, which was only achieved on day 6 of their previous release ‘7 for 7’. As of today, 220k copies of the album has been sold.

As of 5.30am (KST) on the 13th of March, GOT7 also achieved their best results on iCharts for a title track since debut with ‘Look’ charting at #1 for Genie, Mnet Music, Naver Music and Soribada, #6 for Melon and #8 for Bugs. Especially since their title songs have yet to chart in the top 10 spots on Melon since the release of title track ‘If You Do’, these results portray a huge growth and improvement in GOT7’s career as artists. Not only in Korea, but with their global popularity, ‘Eyes On You’ charted at #1 in 21 different countries all over the world on the ‘Worldwide iTunes Album’ charts post-release.

Apart from album sales, the ‘Look’ M/V has also attained over 10 million views on Youtube in less than 36 hours, putting them on Youtube’s trending page, and stands at over 19 million views currently.

This week has definitely proved to be a very fruitful one for GOT7’s new comeback, with a fully-packed schedule of fansigns, variety shows, and music broadcasts coming up, we look forward to more weeks ahead like this with GOT7. Don’t forget to stream ‘Look’ and watch the music video! Wishing you a GOT7-filled week ahead~


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