7 minutes for GOT7 (vol. 7)


1. Jackson New Collaboration “Lucky Rain” Release, Dawn of Us achievements and making video

Jackson collaborated with Chinese singer, Tia Ray, on an english track titled “Lucky You” which was released on 29th April at midnight!

In addition to this new collaboration, Jackson’s “Dawn of Us” has been increasingly successful with a whooping amount of 630 million people who have listened to the track. Dawn of Us has also continued to top charts worldwide including ranking 4th in the Billboard China Charts as of this week! Check out his achievements here! Team Wang also released a making video for Dawn of Us so watch it below!



2. JB’s solo from Hyenas on the Keyboard – Rainy

JB’s anticipated solo, Rainy, was finally released on music charts in Korea. If you don’t have a streaming pass for those sites, you can still listen to his full performance on Hyena on the Keyboard.



3. GOT7 Line Live

On the 24th of April, GOT7 (with the exception of Jackson) had a live broadcast through ‘Line Live’ in Japan, where the main theme of the broadcast was that “Big News” was to be announced.

During the broadcast, the host talked about their upcoming Japan Connecting Hall tour occuring this May/June and also announced the release of “GOT7 Arena Special – My Swagger” DVD in Blu-ray set to be out on the 25th of April.

Throughout the broadcast, the members made cute poses for fans to capture on the phone screens. Knowing that JB was the most reluctant to do cute poses, the members made sure to tease him about it, getting him to do various aegyo poses for fans.

The members split into teams of 3 (A team – Mark, Jinyoung, BamBam and B team – JB, Youngjae and Yugyeom) to play games. They played a game where each member had to draw a member of their choice. BamBam’s drawing of JB caused the members to burst out into laughter as he exaggeratedly drew JB with his chin sticking out, teasing the leader. Here are some of the drawings of each other the members did!

The members played another 2 games (Luck Pirate and moving beans with their chopsticks) and the losing team turned out to be team A. Mark, Jinyoung and BamBam then had to continuously dance until the end of the broadcast. Catch the boys’ antics in the full video of the Line Live broadcast (no English subtitles) down below!


4. The New Era (New Japan Release)

Towards the end of the Line Live, GOT7 announced that they will be releasing their new Japanese album on the 20th of June. There will be 3 versions for the CDs+DVDs, A, B and C. Versions B and C are set to have unit songs (3 members each). The unit groups have yet to be released so don’t forget to stay tuned to find out!

Catch the trailer for their new Japanese single “The New Era” down below!