7 minutes for GOT7 (vol. 6)





1. GOT7 x The Face Shop 

It has now been confirmed that GOT7 will be the global ambassadors for The Face Shop for over 25 countries. Being a group that is not only loved domestically but also globally, they will be portraying a natural and pure ‘boy next door’ look filled with vitality and youth for The Face Shop. As GOT7 stuns with their looks, catch a short Q&A that they did with The Face Shop as well as another promotional video they recently released down below!


2. GOT7 clinches 3 Soompi Awards 

This year, during the 2018 Soompi Awards, GOT7 proves that good things really do come in threes, as they take home a total of three awards, Twitter Best Fandom, Best Male Group and Latin America Popularity Award. This is also GOT7’s third year in a row to win the Twitter Best Fandom Award. Congratulations on the triple crown, boys!

3. Dawn of Us: Jackson solo release

Jackson dropped his much anticipated 3rd single, Dawn of Us, on 20th April at midnight. He once again proved his capabilities as a solo artist and wow-ed fans with his rapping skills and unique vocals. After his previously released singles ‘Papillion’ and ‘Okay’, ‘Dawn of Us’ showed fans another side of Jackson’s musical abilities, portraying his ability to tackle a diverse range of genres as an artist. The official music video was also shot and edited so aesthetically and beautifully in Phuket, Thailand!

Dawn of Us has since topped worldwide charts and has surpassed a million views since its release. It is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. Catch the full MV down below!


4. Hyena on the Keyboard and ‘Rainy’ live performance

During this episode of ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’, JB is seen recording the guide-version of ‘Rainy’ with producer Mirror Boy and finally receiving the confirmation for the song from Park Jinyoung PD-nim (JYP). Mirror Boy has helped JB with the composition of GOT7’s previous 2 title tracks for ‘Look’ and ‘You Are’. At the recording studio, JB plays out the chord of ‘Rainy’ on the keyboard for Mirror Boy. As soon as he hears it, he exclaims that “its good”. During the recording, Mirror Boy also praises JB’s voice.

While JB records the guide for the song, he uses gibberish (in English) to record a rough guide, which included “something” 5-6 times, causing the panel MCs of the show to laugh at his choice of word as they watch the replay. They then proceed to explain that each person when recording a guide for a song would usually have a favorite word or phrase they like to use when recording.

As mentioned in the previous episode by JB that if JYP eats something nice before a recording, his mood would change accordingly, so to appease JYP before letting him hear his song, JB proceeds to buy one of JYP’s favorite foods – rice cake for him. The staff recommends a certain type of rice cake that Kings used to eat, and JB immediately chooses that for JYP, saying that “too me, he is a King”.

JB explains his main concept and theme behind the song ‘Rainy’ to JYP, saying how he got inspiration from mangas, where when a character is sad, a rain cloud usually follows them. He continues to explain that during the season of Spring, most people feel happy but there are people who fall deeper into sadness during this time too, so when he realized this, he too was able to empathize and feel that depressing emotion, which led him to write this song.

Contrary to the previous episode, JYP expressed that he really liked the song, especially because of the song’s chord progressions which were similar to songs he previously composed and really liked. He continued to praise JB that this song and its chord progressions would receive love from not only Koreans but also foreigners because of its freshness. Satisfied, JYP approvingly gives JB the go ahead with this song.

Consulting his members for ideas for lyrics on his new song, ‘Rainy’, the scene opens up with the boys getting their first win at Music Bank for ‘Look’, the title song JB self-wrote and composed for GOT7. As they gather backstage in the dressing room after the win, JB shares with Youngjae, Yugyeom, and Jinyoung that the new song was confirmed and approved by JYP. When Yugyeom asked what JYP told JB, JB jokingly mentioned that JYP said JB was the “future of JYP”.

Jinyoung asks JB if he could take a listen to JB’s new song, wittily saying that “since big-Jinyoung already evaluated (your song), small-Jinyoung will evaluate (the song) for you too”. As the members listen to the guide-version of ‘Rainy’ for the very first time, they helped throw out ideas that they think suited the song’s theme, whilst looking at photos JB took for his songwriting for inspiration. 

In the midst of the discussion, things like “rainy chord”, “봄비-spring rain”, “수비-defender” were randomly thrown out. As soon as Yugyeom said “수비-defender”, the older members burst into laughter while JB looked at the youngest member with disbelief, suddenly dumbfounded with Yugyeom’s gag. The more he thought about it, the more absurd he thought it was, causing JB to chuckle at Yugyeom’s play on words as he met eyes with Jinyoung. Other words like “장비-equipment” and “왕비-Queen” were also thrown out by Yugyeom, bringing laughter to his older members.

*The phrases were all a play on words since the word ‘비-rain’, was included in all of them

As their conversation deepened, Jinyoung’s poetic side was revealed, as he casually mentioned how “when it rains, water gathers in a puddle and (my) reflection would constantly be distorted (as rain hits it)”. This comment received an exclamation that it was “good” from one of the panel members of the show.

With the lyrics fully written, JB explains that he wrote lyrics to match the vibe of the song, hoping that it was something people could empathize with. He further explained that he is someone who “listens to sad songs when he is sad”, admitting that he is not afraid to shed tears during those times as it makes one feel emotionally better. He hopes ‘Rainy’ could be that song for someone else.

JB then takes to the studio’s stage to perform his new song live for the show’s panel MCs. The entire studio applauds, and throughout the song, it is clearly evident that the members of the show are impressed with JB’s vocal and composing skills. Kim Jong Seo, a veteran singer, even said that he “was really surprised” and that JB is “an artist”, and that he definitely sees JB being in the center of Korea’s music industry in the future.

Catch cuts from last week’s episode and JB’s new song, ‘Rainy’ down below! (The official release of Rainy has been delayed from the original release date of 21st April.)

5. GOT7 Official Light Stick (2018) & World Tour Goods (Eyes on You)

GOT7 officially announced the release of a 2018 version of their official Light Stick, commonly known as ‘Ahgabong’ to fans. The new light stick will be up for pre-sale on the FanLight website on 25 April at 8pm (KST). In addition to the light stick, GOT7 also released the whole list of their upcoming World Tour merchandise in Seoul!

6. GOT7 as ambassadors for the 3rd Thank You Letter competition

This week, JB and Jinyoung also attended as GOT7 representatives for a ChildFund Event on 18th April; the campaign will collect letters that students write to their teachers. This campaign is part of ChildFund’s character building campaign.. After being appointed as ambassadors for Korea’s National Fire Agency, GOT7 are continuing to show us their humanitarian side, setting a good role model for everyone. We are proud of our GOT7 representatives! Read more here


7. Jackson visits Fendi HQ, BamBam holds Vivo fan-meeting in Thailand, JB and Yugyeom attend launch for collaboration with Ben Jones

A busy week indeed for the boys of GOT7 as they took a break from concert practice to carry out their respective schedules. Jackson headed to Rome for a project with Fendi and met up with Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Fendi. BamBam headed back home for a short fanmeeting held in Vivo’s name and thanked ahgases for  coming out to support him. JB and Yugyeom on the other hand, were spotted out and about in Seoul filming for the variety show (read more here) with Ben Jones and also appeared for the launch with Perrier. Take a look at the photos of them all!


8. JB and Jinyoung visit Fan’s, JB replies to fans’ posts

Over the past week. JB and Jinyoung have each gone on Fan’s to post messages: the former with numerous short messages while the latter has posted one relatively long message. Check out the translated posts by both of them here! In addition to posting their own messages, JB had also dropped by the fans section and replied to a number of lucky fans! Curious as to his replies? Check them out here~

From everyone at the Ahgawings Team, we wish you a GOT7-filled week ahead!💚