7 minutes for GOT7 (vol. 5)


1. 100 Million Views (Never Ever) & 300K Album Sales (Eyes On You)

On the 12th of April, just a month after its release, GOT7’s latest mini-album, ‘Eyes On You’ has achieved over 300,000 album sales, putting them in the top 3 spots on Gaon’s March album sale charts!

Furthermore, GOT7’s Never Ever music video achieved over a 100 million views on YouTube on the 9th of April, making it their 3rd M/V to hit a 100 million views after “Just Right” and “If You Do”. To celebrate this milestone, GOT7 revealed an unreleased ‘Never Ever’ dance practice video, to thank IGOT7s for their continuous love and support. Catch the dance practice video down below if you have yet to! Congratulations, GOT7 and Ahgases!

2. GQ Thailand and Glass Magazine

In addition to Bambam’s feature in the latest edition of ‘Lips Garcon’, Bambam will also be set to grace the covers of ‘GQ Thailand’ with his dashing looks for their May 2018 Issue.


To fans’ delight, Jackson also featured on ‘Glass Magazine’ for their Spring 2018 issue as he poses with ease showing off his good looks and charms, mesmerizing fans all around the world in this series of photos.

3. Hyena on the Keyboard

Continued from last week’s episode, JB is seen relieving his stress with members Youngjae and Yugyeom at a bowling alley after meeting with Park Jinyoung PD-nim (JYP). Feeling down from having all 3 of his songs “rejected” by JYP, JB jokingly says that he should take what JYP said as “a wall and break it” while bowling. As he earned a strike as soon as he mentioned that, Yugyeom and Youngjae burst into laughter, and the trio jumped and danced in joy.

The trio then settled down at a table nearby and JB opened up to his younger members about the advice JYP gave him while letting them listen to the song that got “rejected”. Contrary to JYP’s dissatisfaction towards JB’s song, Youngjae and Yugyeom exclaimed that the song was “good”, as they nodded along to the beat. The boys joked about JYP’s recording habits, mentioning how JYP’s style of directing was that if the person recording ate something yummy the recording would be “better”.

While chatting, Yugyeom brought up that “JYP-hyung is really innocent”, causing JB to comment that JYP “ is just one year older than (my) father”, so hearing Yugyeom call JYP “hyung” was peculiar, causing the studio to let out sounds of disbelief at this comment about age as the trio’s laughter erupted in the background.

As their conversation deepened, JB brought up to his younger members that he was working on a new song, “Rainy”. The song’s theme circulates around “an adolescent youth’s worries and uneasiness despite Spring’s arrival.” He mentioned how he has confidence in this song but was worried about how to convey his thoughts to JYP. To this, Youngjae jokingly brought up that JYP was into jade items recently, causing everyone to burst into laughter. Jokes aside, Yugyeom heartwarmingly reassured JB  to “not worry too much”, and that “everything will work out”. One of the show’s panel MCs who was watching this scene commented that he was envious that JB had members who would always take his side no matter what, giving him strength, saying that only a team would have such a supportive energy.

Also, for the very first time, JB reveals his very own music studio. Known for his hobby of taking photos with his film camera, it wasn’t a surprise when his music studio’s walls were plastered with his self-taken photos of his members, scenery, and other things which allowed him to evoke feelings to write songs. If you squint hard enough, you can see JB’s love for his members as he even has a photo of Yugyeom and Youngjae (from when GOT7 teased Yugyeom for reading a book on the plane) and GOT7’s group photo plastered on the wall.

Surrounding himself with self-taken photos for inspiration, JB sprawled on the floor, whilst thinking of ideas for his new song. Suddenly hit with ‘composer’s block’, he commented that at times like this when one’s brain is blocked, “drinking mom’s homemade yoghurt is the best”, showing his filial side.

As he lets the ideas flow in his head, JB showed us his process of how he would use “image training” as a technique to compose his music. As JJ Project’s ‘Tomorrow, Today’ melodiously plays in the background, the scene was heart-fluttering as fans get to see the serious ‘Defsoul’ side of JB in action as an artist and a music composer.  

4. GOT7 Surprise VLive

GOT7 decided to treat fans to a surprise live video V Live broadcast as they were rehearsing for their upcoming world tour concert. Bare-faced and dressed in comfortable training clothes, the seven boys started the live broadcast by teasing us with ‘Fly’, which has been confirmed to be one of the songs that will be performed during their World Tour! Being known to have loose lips and easily giving out spoilers, the boys then proceeded to show off some dance moves as clues to what else they would be performing during the World Tour.

They also came by after their special meeting with IGOT7 on Sunday to chat with fans and treat everyone to a dose of aegyo. They ended off the stream with their signature rock-paper-scissors game which always ended with a certain member whining about always being the one caught for the punishment. Catch the full videos down below! 

5. Jackson’s 3rd Solo Single

On 13th April, Jackson took to Instagram to share that he will soon be coming back with his 3rd solo single, titled “Dawn of us”! The song’s teaser will be set to drop on 18th April and the official music video to be released on 20th April. We are all eager and looking forward to seeing what other side Jackson will show to his fans this April, let the countdown begin! 


6. Lenovo (Jackson), Collab with Ben Jones for Perrier (JB, Yugyeom) 

JB and Yugyeom will be collaborating with worldwide artist Ben Jones through the variety ‘COLLABORATION’ for Perrier!

Known to dominate the CF world in China, Jackson will now also be the new spokesperson for Lenovo for their new Xiaoxin laptop release!

7. The Face Shop

In addition to endorsing for Shinsaegae Duty Free, it has been announced that GOT7 will be the new faces for ‘The Face Shop’ as well! Here are the promotional photos of the boys dressed in pastel colours which were posted on The Face Shop China’s Official Weibo during the official announcement!

GOT7 also held their Mcountdown Meet & Greet Live on the 14th of April where they interacted with fans all over the world! The replay for the Meet & Greet has yet to be uploaded, so do keep a lookout!

From the Ahgawings team, thank you for tuning in and have a GOT7-filled week ahead!