7 minutes for GOT7 (vol. 4)



1. “Look” Dance Practice (Part Switch Ver.)

As the music video for ‘Look’ reached the next milestone of 30 million views, JYP releases a special part switch version of the members dancing to ‘Look’. To find out which members switched parts and watch the members try their best to dance to each other’s parts, click on the video down below!

2. Lips Garcon and Sudsapda

BamBam and Mark look charismatic as they grace the covers of magazines in Thailand, ‘Lips Garcon’ and ‘Sudsapda’ respectively. BamBam is also seen posing with the adorable Chujai in this edition of Lips Garcon. Read here to know more about the behind the scenes photoshoot with Mark for Sudsapda!

3. GOT7 sells out multiple venues for ‘2018 GOT7 World Tour’

With the start of ticket sales for the 2018 GOT7 World Tour, GOT7 once again proves their rapidly growing popularity as they sell out concert venues in many different countries within minutes.

With 3 concert dates in Seoul, all 3 dates were sold out, amounting to a total of 18,000 seats worth sold. Furthermore, not long after the start of ticket sales for Bangkok (3 days) and Jakarta, all venues and dates were sold out within mere minutes.

4. Restier Thailand

Undoubtedly, BamBam’s popularity in Thailand is steadily and quickly on the rise as on top of being the model for CP, he is now also set to be the new face of ‘Restier’ Thailand, a company specializing in super-premium bedding.

5. Hyena on the Keyboard

On the 6th of April, JB appeared on ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’ with Park Jinyoung (JYP) PD-nim. Having produced countless songs under the name ‘Defsoul’ for GOT7 and even their recent comeback’s title track ‘Look’, JB is seen nervously entering a recording studio to meet JYP. He brought along self-composed songs for evaluation, which received harsh criticisms by JYP.

After JYP gave JB constructive feedback on his songs, JB meets up with Youngjae and Yugyeom at a bowling alley, who try to cheer him up by making jokes. They playfully joke that they should think that the bowling pins have JYP’s faces on them, so as to bowl better. Immediately after, Youngjae scores a strike which causes the 3 boys to erupt into laughter. Watch cuts from Hyena on the Keyboard down below!

6. KBS World ‘K-Rush’

On the 6th of April, the members of GOT7 appeared on KBS World’s ‘K-Rush’, to have a small chatting session with fans and also to promote their new album ‘Eyes On You’. The members could be seen joking around with MC Ding Dong the show’s host, apart from introducing their new album.

To make things interesting, they introduced the album in 4 different languages (English, Chinese, Thai and Korean), in the style of a home-shopping channel broadcast. Impressed with their wit, the studio erupted into laughter as the members promoted their album in their own style. The broadcast also showed the members coming up with acrostic poems and video chatting with fans on Instagram Live. In another corner, the members played another game, “I can see with my fingers”, where each member had to guess an item in the box using only their sense of touch while blindfolded. Watch the full show with English subs below!

7. LieVxGOT7

6 members of GOT7 (excluding Jackson) recorded a live ‘LieV’ broadcast with V Cookie on the 8th of April. Due to health issues, Jackson could not join the members for this LieV broadcast. Expressing their regret, the members promised to come back for another LieV with 7 members in the future. The boys were seen dressed in comfortable sleepwear and robes which each had a single character, spelling out “Let’s meet in your dreams” in Korean during the entire broadcast.

Being a broadcast meant to “put fans to sleep”, the members tried to talk in hushed tones whilst lying on mattresses and pillows. However, with their beagle-like personalities, this proved to be a difficult task for the boys as they burst out loud into laughter from time to time, which caused them to joke that they were “waking fans up” instead of putting them to sleep.

With the broadcast set around the theme “Look”, the members huddled together to talk about topics related to the theme. They talked about things which caught their attention lately, where things like gaming (Mark), their upcoming World Tour, cats (BamBam), photography (JB) and even dairy writing (Youngjae) were mentioned.

As the members talked about everything under the sky while lying on mattresses, it made for a very heartwarming broadcast, showing their close-knit relationship with one another as they joked around about the past memories they shared. Throughout the broadcast, the members recommended fans to listen to ‘Look’, ‘Teenager’, ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Before the Full Moon Rises’. Youngjae and BamBam also cutely attempted to do an ASMR section with salt and pepper shakers, which ended up in laughter as Mark read a fan-written comment saying “what ASMR is this”.

To end the broadcast, the members expressed their thoughts on how comfortable it was to do such a broadcast and cutely pretended to “fall asleep”.

Catch the full broadcast with English subtitles down below!

From the Ahgawings team, congratulations, BamBam, you’ve worked hard today and to Jackson, we hope that you are resting well and we wish you a speedy recovery before the start of the 2018 GOT7 World Tour.

Have a GOT7-filled week ahead~