7 minutes for GOT7 (vol. 3)


1. GOT7 Studio (Thank You Live Video)

On the 26th of March, GOT7 released yet another video for GOT7 Studio, this time showcasing the boys’ powerful vocals as they sang a live studio version of ‘‘Thank You”, which was composed and self-written by Jinyoung.

2. Release of Look Dance Practice (x2 Version & Boyfriend Version)

Continuing the Music Video Youtube Views Quest that JYP started where a special dance practice video will be released for every milestone achieved, two milestones were completed this week and GOT7 released a double speed version as well as a boyfriend version of ‘Look’ as the Music Video achieved 25million and 27 million views respectively. 

3. King Jackson’s Day

The 28th of March marks Jackson’s 24th (25th in Korean Age) birthday and fans trended #KingJacksonDay on Twitter at midnight, making his day even more special from the very start. The members of GOT7 also took to there social media pages to wish Jackson a happy birthday personally and also uploaded an audio clip pre-recorded and edited into a video for Jackson. 



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햎벐데이 Bro @jacksonwang852g7

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잭슨형 생일 축하해~~~!!!^^

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4. 3rd-Week Stages (MCountdown, Music Core, Music Bank & Inkigayo)

It was the last week of promotions for GOT7 for this ‘Eyes On You’ activities and the members once again wowed the crowd with their latest hit, ‘Look’. Catch the full performances from last week down below!


Music Core:

Music Bank:


5. GOT7 on Spotify and 5million followers on Twitter

After countless of requests from fans worldwide, GOT7’s albums were finally added onto ‘Spotify’, a widely utilised music platform for international fans. Listen to their newest album ‘Eyes On You’ on ‘Spotify’ down below! 

While GOT7 had recently opened their official Instagram account a few months ago,  their official Twitter account has achieved a whopping hit 5 million followers on 31st March! This milestone definitely not only depicts the growth of GOT7 as artists and also the IGOT7 fandom.



7.  Thank You: Epilogue for IGOT7

As GOT7 wraps up their promotion after 3 weeks for “Eyes On You” and prepares for their fast approaching 2018 World Tour, GOT7 expressed their gratitude towards fans, through a video just for Ahgases, thanking fans for their unwavering love and support during these 3 weeks.

The heartwarming video showcases behind the scene footages of the members throughout the 3 weeks of promotions, backed by an acoustic version of ‘Thank You’. Towards the end, each member leaves a small handwritten message, thanking the fans for their effort and love for this comeback.

 JB: Thank you Ahgases! I’ll write a good song for next time too and (we’ll) return!

My eyes on You till then! Your eyes on me!

Mark: I’m really greatful that Ahgases are always here.

Without Ahgases, there’s no GOT7. THANK YOU ALWAYS!

Jackson: See you at the con(concert)! Don’t you dare not turn up~~ Ah~~!! ♡♡♡ In the future too, I’ll only look at ahgases and will swim endlessly to the end!

Jinyoung: Thank you. Thanks to ahgases, it’s been (a)happy promotion.

Let’s meet soon during the concert ♡♡

YJ: So that the time Ahgases spend waiting for us is not in vain, we will return with a truly suave side of us.

I love you, Ahgases ♡

BamBam: Ahgases are The Reason why GOT7 sing and dance! You worked real hard, our birds🖤

We will smash everything at the concert! Please anticipate it 🖤

YG: Our Ahgases who never change!

Even when it gets hard, I’m going to be (going together) with Ahgases ♡.♡


As the promotions for this ‘Eyes On You’ comeback comes to a successful end, the results achieved and records broken during this comeback has definitely shown us that not only the members of GOT7 but also Ahgases are growing alongside the boys as artists and fans.

Thank you, boys, for an amazing 3 weeks of promotions, you’ve definitely worked hard during this time and we hope to meet you soon during the 2018 ‘Eyes On You’ World Tour. 🖤