7 minutes for GOT7 (vol. 2)


1. ‘Look’ 1st win and 2nd-week stages

It was a tough fight, but GOT7 attained second place on both M!countdown and Inkigayo last week, making them the runner-ups for first place on both shows. On the 23rd of March, on KBS’s ‘Music Bank’, GOT7 clinched their first ever win for their new title track, Look! As they promised previously on a radio show, the members celebrated their win on stage with bright red blushes on their cheeks and had their hair tied up in an ‘Apple style’. The members could be seen goofing around on stage and laughing at how each others’ makeup turned out. After a fansign they held later that evening, GOT7 had a live broadcast on Vlive to thank Ahgases for their unwavering love and support and for all the hard work put into helping them win first place. Elated from their win, the members played a round of rock paper scissors in which JB lost and he ended up with a face full of cake. Despite being a short Vlive, the happiness one could feel from the broadcast was enough to put a smile on anyone’s face for the entire night. 

Catch their celebratory Vlive and this week’s performance stages below!


Music Bank :


2. Release of GOT7 ‘Look’ Dance Practice (Shirt ver.)

On the 21st of March, GOT7 released a special dance practice version of ‘Look’, where the members were seen dancing to the song’s choreography in white buttoned-down shirts.  JYP has started a Music Video Youtube Views Quest, and with each milestone, a special dance practice video will be released. 

3. GOT7 Studio 

On 19th March, GOT7 released yet another dance video for Look, but what made this video more special was that it was filmed by their own choreographer and edited by Bambam himself! Known to dabble in video editing, this is the second official video in which BamBam has participated in editing, the first being ‘You Are’s’ lyric video from their previous ‘ 7 for 7’ comeback. A studio live version for a song which Jinyoung self-wrote and self-composed, ‘Thank You’ is set to be released at 12 pm (KST) on the 26th of March.

4. Jinyoung’s appearance on Dingo Happy Photo Studio

Dingo very recently released a new episode of Happy Photo Studio featuring Jinyoung.

The episode opens up with Jinyoung hiding in the kitchen of a cafe, waiting to surprise a fan, Sora. Sora arrives and gets surprised with a glass of iced Americano made by Jinyoung himself! Although not included in the video, it was later explained by Dingo that Jinyoung found out that Sora did not really like coffee and made her another cup of vanilla latte just like his and also to calm her nerves with something sweet.

Sora then confides in Jinyoung about her concerns with her young age and looks in the working industry. She mentioned that she was often taken lightly, despite being 24 years old. Coming from a broken family as she described, Sora gave up college and started working at an early age of 19, a difficult decision for someone at such a young age. Being so young, it brought about many hardships and difficulties.

As she talked about the difficulties she faced, she remembered how hard it was and started to choke on her words, whilst on the brink of tears. Jinyoung immediately stood up to hand her tissues as soon as he saw tears well up in her eyes, comforting her to the best of abilities. During their entire conversation, Jinyoung offered her advice and gave suggestions, sharing his own experiences to make her feel better.

Jinyoung then gifted Sora with books that had left a deep impression on him, explaining that the stories written in those books gave him strength when he needed it the most. In addition, since it was White Day, he also had flowers and candy prepared for her.

The heartwarming episode ends off with Jinyoung personally helping Sora to take a photo for her job resume, as he wished her all the best in her future endeavors.

5. Hongkira and Lee Gukjoo’s Youngstreet

To promote their new title song, this week, GOT7 appeared on two radio shows, ‘Hongkira’ and ‘Lee Gukjoo’s Youngstreet’ on the 22nd of March.

During Lee Gukjoo’s Youngstreet, besides promoting their new title song, the members were seen joking around with the main DJ, Lee Gukjoo during the entire show. Having met a couple of times and once appearing on a variety show (SBS’s Roommate) with Jackson, the members were able to comfortably share their stories with Gukjoo on the show. Despite having performed on M!Countdown just before, the members still actively participated in all corners of the radio broadcast, showing once again their professionalism. 

The members performed a live version of ‘Look’ and if they read a comment sent in by a listener which they liked, they were given the authority by Gukjoo to gift them with presents from the radio. The boys generously “gave out” the gifts to listeners, and displayed their sense and wit throughout the show. Their teamwork and close-knit relationship really shone as they answered questions that each member wrote, bringing laughter to the studio as they jokingly “dissed” one another.

Despite appearing on Hongkira a couple of times, this was GOT7’s first time as a whole group to guest star on the show with Lee Hongki as the DJ. The chemistry between Hongki and the boys was very good, as the members, as if in their own element displayed their beagle-like personalities comfortably throughout the radio show. Youngjae, Jinyoung and Yugyeom who appeared as special DJs for Hongkira a couple of times even joked with Hongki that they were “eyeing his DJ spot.

The members shared new never-before-heard stories with listeners and sang a live version of ‘Look’, receiving compliments from Hongki as he mentioned how good the song was. One of the listeners asked if an anecdote she read of Yugyeom writing down the names of staff in a notebook so that he could memorize them was true. He clarified on the show that he has now memorized their names, but he used to save the names of staff on the ‘Notes’ section of his phone, to remember the names of the people whom they meet often and that took care of them. The members and Hongki praised Yugyeom that he had a kind heart upon hearing this.

During another corner of the show, the members split into two teams (‘GOT’ team -JB, Mark, Jackson, BamBam and ‘7’ team- Jinyoung, Yugyeom, Youngjae) to play a game where they had to answer pre-answered questions about each other. ‘7’ team ended up winning as they answered correctly 7/15 questions within the time limit while GOT team only got 4 right. Based on a listener’s request the members even did aegyo in English and also showed off their personal talents.

The radio broadcast ended off on a high note as the members expressed that they had an enjoyable time with Hongki and would love to come back again. Watch special behind the scene footage of Hongkira and the full versions (without English subtitles) of the radio broadcasts below!

6. Vivo (Jackson & BamBam) and SnowBeer (Jackson) Endorsement

Vivo Thailand has been counting down the days to the release of the commercial video with BamBam and on the 22nd of they March, the finally dropped the full video with BamBam, endorsing for Vivo V9. In the same week, Vivo China, who has also partnered with Jackson shared their new Vivo X21 commercial featuring him.

With his immensely growing popularity in China, Jackson is now also revealed to be the new spokesperson for Snow Beer’s new beer superX.


This week, GOT7 restarted their series ‘GOT7NOW’, where the boys would share photos they have taken of themselves as well as the other members! 

Honorable Mentions:

  1. GOT7 achieves number 1 on Yin Yue Tai Korea Weekly V Chart
  2.  GOT7 clinches Artist of the Year on JOOX Thailand Music AwardThis week was definitely a fulfilling week for both GOT7 and Ahgases, as we reach the end of 2nd week of ‘Look’ promotions, don’t forget to continue to stream ‘Look’ and watch the music video! From everyone at the Ahgawings team, we wish you a GOT7-filled week ahead.