7 mins for GOT7 (vol. 9)


1) The New Era Unit Teasers

Following up their New Era MV that was released on 6th May, GOT7 teased fans with a sneak peak of their unit songs! This time, Mark, Jinyoung and Yugyeom teamed up for their unit song titled “2(TWO)” while JB, Youngjae and BamBam teamed up for “HMMMM”. Check them out down below!

2) ‘Collaboran’ Episode 1 (JB and Yugyeom)

It was previously announced that JB and Yugyeom were to be collaborating with worldwide artist Ben Jones through the variety show ‘Collaboran’ for Perrier. During the first episode released on 13th May, JB and Yugyeom were both given a mission before meeting Ben Jones.

During an interview, the staff casually asked JB and Yugyeom on their artistic abilities and JB immediately burst out into laughter while Yugyeom looked apprehensive, as both showed their lack of confidence in their drawing skills. JB also mentioned that he is usually someone who is “shy” on the first meeting and with “each person (the time taken to get close) differs and it could be totally difficult to get close to a person for him, depending on the person”. To this, Yugyeom said that he was “similar” to JB with first interactions.

The staff gave JB and Yugyeom a mission to draw anything they wished on an empty canvas. At first the duo was unsure on how to start but Yugyeom later mentioned how sometimes he “can’t sleep at night and there is this scary face” that people usually imagine at that time and that he wanted to “try (drawing) that out once”. As soon as Yugyeom started his first stroke, JB immediately chimed that it was “good” and joked that Yugyeom should do it all.

Stuck with not knowing what to draw, JB pondered for a while before carefully picking up the brush. He drew a heart and also a facial expression similar to his own in the end, not forgetting his signature double moles above the left eyelid. As they slowly gained confidence, they started to add colours and other drawings to the canvas. JB took a look at their artwork and commented that it seemed like it was painted by a young child. The duo ended their mission well, seemingly satisfied with their completed art piece. Catch the full episode here where Ben Jones learns the choreography to ‘Look’ too!


The next episode of ‘Collaboran’ releases on the 21st of May, don’t forget to stay tuned!

3) Wok of Love OST by Youngjae 

Youngjae’s much anticipated first solo OST, “At The Usual Time”, for the new drama, ‘Wok of Love’ was released on 14 May. , Youngjae showed his diversity and versatility as he sang a whole different genre from what fans were used to, leaving fans in awe of his vocal and musical abilities. Take a listen down below!

4) ‘X’ by Jackson

Jackson also released another song for his endorsement with Snow Beer. The various platforms on which ‘X’ has been released on can be found here! Click!

5) BamBam x Allure Korea

BamBam stuns with his good looks as he graces the cover of ‘Allure Korea’ for their June 2018 issue. This is BamBam’s first solo photoshoot in a Korean magazine. In this edition, BamBam gets intimate as he shares a little more about the members, himself, and of course his adorable cats! Not to mention that Pudding, one of BamBam’s three cats, made an appearance in this issue as well!  Check out the full photoshoot and interview here!

6) Mark x Ceci Korea 

Crowned as the ‘photoshoot fairy’ in GOT7, Mark once agains leaves fans starstruck at his ability and ease to strike a pose for Ceci Korea (June 2018). Mark shows his maturity, as he shares more about being a son, touring the world and performing unit stages along with the members! Check out photos from his shoot as well as the full interview in English down below!

7) JB solo V Live after Fukuoka performance 

After a long while of not appearing on V Live alone, JB came on after the Fukuoka performance. In his hotel room, he spoke of going on Fan’s, his favourite songs, the dance they do in Japan and more. Check out his V Live with subs below!


The boys have just wrapped up their concert in Osaka, and will be heading to Hiroshima very soon to continue their Japan Tour!  We wish the boys all the best and we hope they get are getting as much rest as they need before their next concert! See you soon for the rest of the World Tour, from everyone at the Ahgawings team, we wished you a GOT7-filled week ahead! 💚