7 mins for GOT7 (vol. 8)


1) Legend BamBam Day (2nd May)

2nd May marked BamBam’s 21st birthday (22nd in Korean Age). Fans from all around the world showered BamBam with love, trending #LegendBamBamDay on Twitter. Despite their busy schedule whilst preparing for their world tour, the members of GOT7 still made sure to take the time to celebrate this special day. We’ve watched you grow into the wonderful person you are today, and we really couldn’t be more proud to be your fan. We sincerely wish you a Happy Birthday our dear BamBam, let’s walk down this road together for a long time.

2) ‘Lucky Rain’ release

After a successful release of his new single ‘Dawn of Us’ on the 20th of April, Jackson showed us yet another side of him, as Tia Ray drops a new collaboration song with Jackson, ‘Lucky Rain’.  Entirely in English, the rap is soulfully conveyed by Jackson, matching Tia’s melodic vocals perfectly. Listen to the full song here and the tutorial to stream it on this platform can be found here! You can find ‘Lucky Rain’ on Spotify too! 


3)’DONT’ Magazine [TH] and Allure [KR] (BamBam)

BamBam is set to grace the cover of yet another Thailand magazine, ‘DONT’. The magazine’s crew conveyed that BamBam was highly requested by many to be on their cover. Swooning fans with his breath-taking looks as he features in the May Issue of DONT Thailand Magazine, check out some of the photos and videos released below!

BamBam is also set to appear in the June issue of Allure magazine Korea edition. Not only will he be appearing on it, Pudding (one of his cats) would also be in the photoshoot with him!


4) Releases by Youngjae and Jackson

Over the past week, two separate releases were announced for Youngjae and Jackson respectively. Youngjae has been announced for an OST release (his first ever!) for ‘Wok of Love’, a drama that is headlined by label mate, 2PM’s Junho. Across the ocean, Jackson had also been announced to release his own production, ‘X’ for Snow Beer.

We are very stoked to be blessed with two new releases next week!


5) GOT7 ‘Eyes On You’ World Tour Opening in Seoul and Bangkok

Starting on the 4th of May, GOT7 started off their ‘Eyes On You’ World Tour, with a concert in Seoul for three consecutive days, followed by another 3 days in Bangkok over the last weekend. With a setlist of over 30 songs, the members showed many new sides to fans. In between songs were VCRs and talk times, which accumulated to be a concert of over 3 hours.

The most anticipated stages were definitely the unit stages, where each unit performed a new song. Jinyoung and BamBam teamed up to bring to fans ‘King’, where Jinyoung brought back his rapping since ‘Bounce’. Donned in suits, both Jinyoung and BamBam sat in thrones chanting “make way for the King”, causing many fans to swoon from their charismatic performance.

The next unit comprised of Mark, JB, and Youngjae, where they slowed things down with ‘Think About It’. Mark’s captivating rap along with JB and Youngjae’s honey-like vocals really made for an amazing stage, allowing each member to showcase their talents perfectly.

Finally, Yugyeom and Jackson both had mini solo stages each before their unit song, ‘From Now’ and ‘Hunger’ respectively. Yugyeom was said to have choreographed the entire dance for his solo stage. Jackson mentioned that the meaning behind ‘Hunger’ was to express that not only himself but also GOT7 wants to always stay hungry and continue taking on new challenges in the future. On the 2nd day of the tour, he mentioned that even 10 or 20 years from now, he would want GOT7 to be a group who would not be pushed over by rookies, as they themselves would still keep their thirst for success and rookie mindset.

Yugyeom and Jackson performed to ‘Phoenix’ at the end of the unit stages, hyping up the crowds with the pumped-up high tempo song. They explained that ‘Phoenix’ had a deeper meaning behind too, that when people hear the word “새” (“se” in Ahgase), they would think of something very innocent and pure, but he wanted to express that ‘Ahgases’ are actually ‘Ahgaphoenixes’. He knew that no one can stop us from moving forward, and to also express that Ahgases would turn into phoenixes whenever we cheered on the boys. The last day of the 3 consecutive days was the most emotional as members Mark, JB and BamBam, overwhelmed with emotions, couldn’t hold back their tears while they expressed their gratitude towards Ahgases’ undying love and support for them.

On the first day right after the Seoul concert, the members thanked fans directly through a short broadcast for coming on the first day. The new ‘Ahgabong’ with the new Bluetooth function was also brought up by the members!  The boys also continued to hold numerous V Lives over the course of the past 2 weeks to ensure fans didn’t miss them too much! Be sure to check out all the V Lives on GOT7’s V page.


6) THE New Era MV release

GOT7 will be starting their Japan fanmeeting tour next week and will be releasing their new album on 20th June. Ahead of the physical release, they have released THE New Era MV! Check out the trendy sounds and outstanding visuals below!



Thank you, boys, for wrapping up the Seoul and Bangkok concerts without any injuries. As you continue touring and juggling all your different schedules, we hope you take time to rest as well! See you soon for the rest of the World Tour! From everyone at the Ahgawings team, we wished you a GOT7-filled week ahead! 💚