7 mins for GOT7 (Vol. 15)


1. GOT7 on Good Day New York

The much anticipated moment has arrived! GOT7 made an appearance on local national television in the United States on ‘Good Day New York’ this week after the collaborative effort of the show and fans. (Check out how their guest appearance came to be a success in the post here)

The members looked stunning on the show as hosts Rosanna Scotto and Lori Stokes got the members to share about being the first K-pop group to perform at Barclays Center and their ‘Eyes On You’ tour. Despite English not being the first language for many in the group, the members seemed at ease and in their element throughout the broadcast. They were not afraid to speak up to convey their thoughts and tried their best to communicate with the hosts. They further disclosed the tough fight and journey during their trainee days before GOT7, and other interesting facts which fans may not know to date. Finally, the members also performed a short section of ‘Look’ and even taught the hosts the main-points for the choreography!

Catch up on their full appearance on GDNY down below!


2. GOT7 on People Now

Apart from their appearance on national television on ‘Good Day New York’, GOT7 also came on ‘People NOW’, the “#1 online news source about all things pop culture”, which brings daily news updates and interviews from the world of celebrities. Hosted by Jeremy Parsons and Andrea Boehlke, catch the chaotic interview with the boys down below, as they playfully diss each other, share hidden talents, disclose who is “most likely to hit the gym twice in one day”, the “craziest thing (they) bought for their pet” and other secrets. Although the interview was short, the playfulness of the members is sure to warm your hearts and bring a smile to your face! More from GOT7 will be shared by People NOW this week so be sure to stay tuned~


3. GOT7 sits for an interview with Billboard and J-14 Magazine 

GOT7 sat down with Billboard interviewer, Jeff Benjamin, for an interview when they were in between tour stops in the US. On top of discussing their achievements so far for their Eyes On You World Tour, they also touched on the opportunity to reach out and meet fans during the tour. The boys also talked about their love and passion for creating their own music and shared some interesting information – like who goes to the gym the most diligently and songs they sing in the shower.

When Jeff talked about the rise of the K-POP industry in the States, BamBam once again displayed that his maturity surpassed people of his age. He shared his thoughts about having the honour of being able to perform at venues that no other K-pop group has performed at before. He stated that “K-pop is not just GOT7” and as a K-pop artist, he hopes that other artists in the industry would be able to gain some energy from GOT7 to do the same, to expand the influence of K-pop. JB further added that to able to broaden the influence of K-pop regardless of which group it is, is a blessing and a good thing, as he feels that it is an honor to be able to share the culture of K-pop as GOT7 with others.

Check out the full interview and the article by Billboard below!

Apart from Billboard, the boys also had a short interview with J-14 magazine.

The members sit with Liam McEwan to talk about the meaning behind the “Eyes on You” concept for the tour. They also talk about the difference of this tour to their previous ‘Fly’ tour, their close-knit “family-like” relationship as a group, and their influence as artists on K-pop’s culture. Watch the full interview here!

During their time in the States, the members also had interviews with ‘i Heart Radio’, ‘AccessOnline’, ‘Buzzfeed’ and ‘Nylon’, don’t forget to look out for them!


4. GOT7’s Videos Broadcast on Big Screen in Times Square 

When the boys were in New York, V Live along with Line Friends broadcasted GOT7’s videos from V Live for several days on a massive screen in Times Square to cheer GOT7 on for their 2018 ‘Eyes On You’ World Tour.  As if to say “GOT7 is here to conquer New York”, to be shown on a big screen in The Big Apple is such a big feat and accomplishment. The members even went in person as a group to witness it for themselves and filmed a surprise V Live broadcast of the boys watching their own video play live on the big screen in the middle of such an iconic place. In the V Live, you can feel the members’ excitement as they watch ‘Look’ being broadcast on the big screen. They also mentioned how it is such an honour to have this opportunity.  Catch their V Live broadcast at Times Square down below!


5. Surprise V Lives

The members have been extremely active on V Live, to keep their promise of trying to stay close and connected to fans all over the world as they continue on with their world tour in different cities. From pre-concert warm-ups to filing at a swimming pool, see what you might’ve missed from the boys this week here:


6. GOT7 wraps up 3 stops for ‘Eyes On You’ Tour (Houston, New York & Mexico City)

GOT7 has successfully completed 3 stops for their ‘Eyes on You Tour’ in Houston, New York and Mexico City! They’ve added New York City to the list of sold-out venues during this tour. Not to forget, that GOT7 is the first K-pop group to perform and sell out their concert at Barclays Center, with a total of 19,000 as their audience! Youngjae mentioned that he also came to the realization and commented in disbelief that he came to watch Kendrick Lamar perform at Barclays Center back in 2017 but now a year later, GOT7 is the one standing on the same stage! The boys seemed to really enjoy themselves at these stops despite the jetlag and travelling, evident of the high-tension and endless smiles they had during the concert.


7. Jackson drops new track ‘Bruce Lee’ with Al Rocco 

‘Bruce Lee’ is out on Spotify, iTunes and NetEase Music too, don’t forget to check it out and give it lots of support!


8. Yugyeom joins Twitter!

On the 14th of July, Yugyeom has officially joined Twitter! Follow him at his twitter handle: @real_Kimyugyeom! Welcome to Twitter, Yugyeom~

Honorable Mentions:

#GOT7onGDNY and #GOT7onPeopleNow have been trending in different countries and Worldwide on Twitter these past few days! Furthermore, only open for sales for 2 weeks, Ahgases unleash their inner phoenix powers once again as Mark’s limited edition collection (collaboration with Represent) of self-designed goods have sold over 27,000 items!

This week has definitely been a busy week for both GOT7 and all baby birds! The Ahgase-pride in fans undoubtedly flourishes as the boys reach multiple milestones in this week alone as GOT7. We couldn’t be more proud of you boys who stays so down-to-earth and humble even as they progress higher each time. Let’s walk down this flower path for a long time together!

As the members complete their U.S leg of their Eyes on You Tour, they will be soon heading for Buenos Aires and Santiago. From everyone at the Ahgawings Team, we couldn’t be more proud of you boys and we hope everyone has a GOT7-filled week ahead~ 💚