7 mins for GOT7 (vol. 12)


1) Surprise V Lives

Previously promising fans that they would come often on V Live during their world tour, Ahgases were blessed with a total of 11 surprise broadcasts in a span of a week. From eating broadcasts, pre-concert visits to even live stretching and exercising at the gym, the boys spoiled ahgases with live content this week, before and after their World Tour stops in Europe.

Catch all the broadcasts down below!

2) Grazia July 2018 (Jinyoung)

Following Jinyoung’s appearance in a literary magazine, he will be also set to grace the covers of Grazia Korea this July, said to be done at Sheraton Gangnam’s penthouse, set to publish on the 20th!

3) AIS Thailand (BamBam)

After Restier Thailand, BamBam will yet again be the face of another brand in his home country, for AIS Thailand! They are said to be the leading provider of mobile phone network, a mobile operator of Thailand. Catch the commercial and behind the scenes footage of BamBam for AIS Thailand down below!

4) Ice Bucket Challenge (Yugyeom and Youngjae)

Both Yugyeom and Youngjae were nominated by friends (Seventeen’s Dokyeom and AOA’s Mina with 15&’s Jimin respectively) to participate in the ALS ice bucket challenge. Both of them have decided to actively participate in the challenge through donating to ALS patients. Their warm and gracious hearts have even led some fans to follow and donate in their footsteps, leading a good example.

Hello, this is GOT7 Yugyeom!

After being nominated by my friend Dokyeom,
I’ve come to take part in the ice bucket challenge.

I’m thankful for the chance to participate in this
and I will be participating through a donation~!

I hope my small support will be able to be
a source of strength for ALS patients and their family members!

Thank you!

Following our member GOT7 Yugyeom, I will
also participate in the ice bucket challenge through a donation!
After being nominated by AOA Mina noona and our JYP’s Jimin,
I’ve come to participate in the ice bucket challenge; although it is a small contribution, I hope that it will be able to be of good energy to those suffering from ALS and their family members!
I will not be nominating anyone else~! Thank you!

5) GOT7 Official Twitter Emoji 

From 5th June all the way till the 25th of August, the GOT7 emoji can be seen whenever fans use GOT7 related hashtags on Twitter! Do remember to use them when the boys stop at your city and support the boys, especially since they’ve been working hard and travelling to many different countries on the Eyes On You World Tour!

6) Full Translated Interviews (Jinyoung-Littor, Jackson-VougeMe, Mark-ChicTeen)

Understand the inner-workings of Mark, Jinyoung and Jackson in their solo full English translated interviews for ChicTeen, Littor and VougeMe respectively down below!

You who reads, unfinished reading. [Littor Vol 12] (Jinyoung)

GOT7 Tuan Yi En, true nature that is not flashy, like sunshine [CHICTEEN March 18] (Mark)

Chase chase chase! A musician that doesn’t stop progressing [Vogueme June 18] (Jackson)

7) GOT7 successfully completes Europe stops for Eyes on You tour


As GOT7 complete their Europe stops for their Eyes on You tour, the boys will soon be heading to Taipei for their next stop! Thank you, boys, for so actively stopping by to say hello throughout the week, rest well and you’ve worked hard!

From everyone at the Ahgawings team, we wish you a GOT7-filled week ahead! 💚