7 mins for GOT7 (vol. 11)


1) ‘Collaboran’ Episode 4 

The 4th episode of ‘Collaboran’ opens up with the meeting of JB, Yugyeom and Ben again in front of the Nakwon Music Arcade building, which is to be their huge project. JB expressed his excitement and feelings of nervousness for this project, mentioning that he feels it would go well. 

The trio watched on as the staff worked on draping the final printed artwork onto the building. Watching from the bottom, Ben mentions that he’s afraid of heights. To this, JB commented that in the past he too was afraid but after “taking rides at theme parks, (he realised he) survived”, which led him to overcome his acrophobia. The banner included all the colours JB and Yugyeom mentioned that they favoured in the previous episodes of ‘Collaboran’.

The trio then headed indoors to work hands-on on another project (making ladders), with Ben at the lead.

As the trio got started on the ladder making, we see another side of JB as he seemed relaxed and comfortable working with tools like a drill and mentions that he has “done this many times before”. Yugyeom too picked up the skill quickly, saying that it was really fun.

Upon completion of the ladders, the trio headed down again to see the completion of their banners on the building. Yugyeom noticed that there was a snake-like drawing being hung and Ben mentioned it was actually mimicking the dance moves (Look’s choreography) that JB and Yugyeom showed him in the previous episode!

Catch the full epiosde of the 4th installment of Collaboran down below!

2) ‘Collaboran’ Episode 5 (Final)

The final installment of Collaboran starts with the explanation of why Ben chose ladders as the main theme of his collaboration project with GOT7, as he felt that a ladder is symbolic of someone who strives for continuous improvement by going up. Ben further explains that the ‘feet’ in the picture shown below is representative of GOT7’s sequence of Look’s dance, while the squiggly ladder represents the dance moves. The ladder also portrays their favorite colors. (Yugyeom – Yellow, JB – Purple, Ben – Blue)

Yugyeom and JB they too wanted to contribute somehow to the art and mentioned that they wanted to leave their wishes on it. Ben commented that he never noticed that JB and Yugyeom had different dominant hands, and said that they matched well in that way.

Yugyeom: (I) want to be someone who is suave. Let’s not regret the choices (I) make. I’m not like that. If I’m with my fans and hyungs i’ll keep going. (Yugyeom explained this part saying “my fans and my brothers all the way”) Forever and always GOT7xIGOT7 

JB: Live as yourself! Don’t be someone else! Let’s go far and high up! To always be able to live in the happiness of each moment.

The trio then headed up to work on splashing some color on their completed ladders they made in the previous episode.

The trio then gathered for a lunch break with the crew. During lunch, Yugyeom offered a chicken drumstick to Ben, and told him about Korea’s culture where normally the drumstick is offered to the oldest/person that deserves the most respect, in which case JB said is usually his parents. Ben then said it should be given to the staff who worked with him that day. Yugyeom then kindly offered the drumstick to the staff Ben mentioned. They did a last fighting cheer before heading off to continue their work, making the staff dab with them.

After the completion of their ladders, they head out to the face of the building for the last time to see the completed artwork mentioned at the beginning of the collaboration of Ben’s artistic creation with the inspiration of Look’s choreography steps.

The trio then moved on to the official event for the collaboration project hosted by Perrier, where their complete artworks (“wish ladders”) were displayed. Looking at their completed projects on display, JB and Yugyeom seemed proud of their work and took pictures to remember the moment.

JB mentioned that it was an honour being able to work with Ben Jones for a collaboration project, and that being able to see his completed artwork made him feel proud, expressing that the entire process was a lot of fun.

The trio ended off their collaboration with a short talk and exchange of gifts, where JB and Yugyeom mentioned that they took away good memories from this project and that they learned new things throughout the process. Yugyeom and JB also brought up that they would be in LA for their Eyes on You tour in July and invited Ben to come to watch their concert, where Ben said he would love to go, making sure to bring as many “cool” friends as he knew as possible.

As the staff mentioned their end of the project, JB and Yugyeom started to pretend to cry, causing the staff to burst into laughter as Ben Jones said “cut” jokingly upon seeing the boys’ antics. The trio ended off with a dab, putting the collaboration project to a final close.

Catch the final episode down below!

English subtitles for all episodes of ‘Collaboran’ are said to be available soon on their main channel/videos so be sure to look out for them there!

3) Jinyoung x Littor Magazine

Jinyoung is set to grace the covers of the bi-monthly literature magazine, Littor for their June 2018 issue! Jinyoung shares more about being in his 20s in this edition and gives readers an insight into his career as an artist both in Korea and worldwide. Known to be an avid book reader, Jinyoung introduces three books, namely Osamu Dazai’s “No Longer Human”, Han Kang’s “Human Acts” and Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince”. Check out some of the photos from the shoot down below!

4) GOT7 x mini Magazine 

Actively promoting in Japan this June, the boys were featured in a Japanese magazine, mini, for their July issue. In this edition, the boys were given the same set of questions to which they had to answer to! Check out the English translations down below!

5) Final EP of ‘Get’

Over the past few weeks, an episode of the webtoon ‘Get’ for GOT7 has been released every week. On the 31st of May, the webtoon comes to an end as they released the Epilogue for the webtoon. Catch all the episodes of ‘GET’ translated down below!

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Please note that the translated version of GET cannot be taken out. Please direct everyone to this site instead. Thank you and enjoy!

5) IGOT7 5th Generation Official Recruitment

On the 1st of June, the official dates for the 5th Recruitment for GOT7’s official fanclub was announced. The recruitment will be done through Melon Ticket, and the recruitment period is between the 4th of June to the 7th of July.

7) V Lives

With the completion of the Nagoya fanmeet in Japan last Monday, Yugyeom took to V Live in order to chat with the fans. He adorably answer questions and turn shy at the prodding of fans, continuously repeating that he’s enjoying himself. Check out the adorably sweet V live below!

After wrapping up their concert in Macau, the 7 boys made a surprise appearance on Vlive from their hotel room! Huddled together on a single bed, our beagle boys’ close-knit relationship could be seen as they joked about everything under the sun. If you have yet to catch their surprise broadcast, you can do down below, it’ll be sure to put a huge smile on your face as you watch the beautiful mess unfold before your eyes!

The boys have just wrapped up their concert in Macau, and will soon be heading to Moscow and the rest of Europe! In the midst of all the schedules, we hope you boys are resting well in between each stop, we will see you soon!

From everyone at the Ahgawings team, we wish you a GOT7-filled week ahead!💚