7 mins for GOT7 (vol. 10)


1) ‘Collaboran’ (Episode 2)

Episode 2 of ‘Collaboran’ opens up with the dramatic first meeting of JB, Yugyeom and Ben Jones.

They exchanged gifts, where Ben presented JB and Yugyeom with customized notebooks to put ideas in, while the boys gifted Ben with an ‘Ahgabong lightstick’. Upon receiving the lightstick, Ben jokingly said that it was his first lightstick and that he would sleep with it every night. Thankful for the gift, JB mentioned that he would carry around the notebook with him everywhere in the future.

The trio walked about Nakwon Music Arcade to get inspiration and also to show Ben around the unique sites of Korea. JB and Yugyeom shared what they knew about the area while Ben gave tips on what they should do while “making art”. Despite the language barrier, JB and Yugyeom both tried their best to communicate their thoughts to Ben through simple replies in English.

To “empty their brains and fill it with ideas” for the art project, they ventured about various places in Seoul. They headed to Ikseon-dong, where JB said that he likes and visits this area a lot as even the food there tends to be a fusion of things. Showing an example, he pointed to a Mexican food poster, causing Ben to mention that “next time (we) should do a project in Mexico”. To this, Yugyeom brought up that they were going to Mexico during their World Tour and invited Ben to come to their concert. Ben then said he would love to go, and that he would bring some celebrities like Scarlett Johansson. Upon the mention of her name, JB exclaimed really loudly, revealing that he was a big fan of the Hollywood actress.

As the trio sat down for lunch, Ben shyly showed JB and Yugyeom his dance practice video that he did of the choreography of ‘Look’. He mentioned that he had a really hard time experiencing what it was like to do what GOT7 is doing now. At the same time, JB and Yugyeom showed Ben what they drew during their mission last week and as Ben looked at their completed art piece, said that “it reminds (him) of (him) dancing”.

During the meal, Ben Jones had to stick to his mission to experience life as an idol, so he had to refrain from high-calorie foods too. Giving Ben a chance, Yugyeom and JB asked Ben to choose one food item that he wanted to eat the most, and Ben chose the kimchi pancake. To this, JB jokingly picked up the pancake and pretended to place it on Ben’s plate but ended up eating it, teasing Ben, causing Yugyeom and Ben to burst into laughter at the situation. Ben then commented, saying how “great art comes from great pain”, as he watched Yugyeom and JB eat the food set in front of him. At the end, Yugyeom and JB told Ben that he had cleared that mission and was allowed to eat anything he wanted from then on.

At Ben’s hotel room, he revealed that the notebook he had gifted them was a waterproof notebook, which he sometimes uses in the shower at desperate times because showering helps him calm down. He then gave Yugyeom and JB the mission that one of them had to use the shower to “generate ideas”. They played a game of rock paper scissors to determine the person, where JB lost ultimately. Yugyeom and Ben waited outside the shower as JB came up with ideas for their project. To get a stamp of approval from Ben, JB said that he would only share his final idea with Ben if he gave him a stamp, where Ben said “you tricked me this time” and gave him the stamp regardless.

Watch the full episode down below!

2) ‘Collaboran’ (Episode 3)

In the 3rd installment released on the 24th of May, Ben visits the JYP building and practice room of GOT7 to learn the choreography for ‘Look’.

The duo explained how they trained and practiced in the practice room every day, and even showed Ben the dance for ‘Look’ before teaching it to him. Touched by their short performance, Ben expressed that if the trio could even represent a “fraction of what he just felt in the art (project), (he) thinks it would be something amazing”. Yugyeom proceed to teach Ben the dab part of the choreography.

Getting inspiration from the boys’ practice routines, Ben suggests that they record their footsteps of the dance on the floor with paint, turning their dance studio into a blank canvas.

They then talked about the colors they planned to utilize for the project, where Yugyeom pointed out that he loves the color Yellow because it’s clean and simple. In the case of JB, he chose a dark turquoise and purple color (similar to wine). As they played around with a color tool Ben introduced to them, JB and Yugyeom chose their preferred colors from the color spectrum. To end off the episode, the trio did a last “fighting” cheer before they start on their project (to be revealed in upcoming episodes).

Catch the full episode down below!

3) ‘Fendiman’ by Jackson 

Jackson dropped his much anticipated 4th Single, ‘Fendiman’, in collaboration with Fendi China on 25th May at midnight, once again exuding so much swagger and energy!  ‘Fendiman’ has since set new records for Jackson, placing 1st on the US iTunes Charts as well as the Pop Chart. Jackson thanked fans all around the world for always showing love and support after achieving this milestone on Instagram. Prior to the release of ‘Fendiman’, Jackson’s single ‘Dawn of Us’ has also been doing very well on music charts and has continued to reign as the top song on Weekly V Charts overall and in Hong Kong and Taiwan this week.

Fendiman is now available on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes! Don’t forget to catch the full MV which was shot in the beautiful city of Rome, Italy down below! In an interview, Jackson also revealed that his next single will drop before October this year! He told fans to anticipate his music and also mentioned that this is the song he looks forward to the most throughout his entire career as an artist.


4) GOT7’s Popularity in Thailand

GOT7’s immensely growing popularity in Thailand was proven once again during a recent conference by Siam Commercial Bank in Thailand, when they revealed the top 10 hashtags of 2017 (in Thailand). GOT7 appeared in 3/10 spots, with ‘#GOT7’ at the 3rd spot, #갓세븐(GOT7) at the 5th, and #BamBam at the 10th spot.

Concurrently, we would also like to congratulate BamBam for winning “Great Stars Social Super Star Award Of The Year 2017! Through a Facebook voting, BamBam dominated the voting with a total of 30,185 votes (48.5%)!

5) BamBam teases self-produced mini movie

On the 22nd of May, BamBam released a minute long video, teasing fans with a short sneak preview of his self-edited video of their stop in Bangkok for the “Eyes On You” World Tour on Twitter and Instagram. The video also caught the eyes of the original singer of the background music (‘On Again’) BamBam used in the video, where Molly Kate Kestner and HonorsMusic took to Twitter to praise BamBam for his video-editing skills. BamBam has always been known to be great with editing and videography but this teaser truly proved his passion for it! Especially since he picked up this skill on his own from scratch, this makes it all the more personal and precious. It is also said that BamBam will be filming at every stop of the World Tour, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us~


6. BamBam attends Restier Grand Opening &

Jackson ignites Fendi Shanghai Music Party

This was indeed a busy week for the boys of GOT7 as they carried out their respective schedules. BamBam headed back home to Thailand for the opening of the Restier Shop Grand Opening in Central Embassy Bangkok, showing up looking like royalty at the event. He stood side by side with Thai actress Chompoo Araya (co-ambassador) whom he was a fan of for so many years during the event.

As the ambassador of Fendi, Jackson ignited the Fendi Shanghai Music Party held, performing his first live of ‘Fendiman’ at the party.


7. JJ Project 6th Anniversary 

This 24th of May marked the day of 6 years with JJ Project. Having met at the 2009 JYPE Open Auditions, young JB and Jinyoung were destined to meet, as even their audition ‘waiting numbers’ were side by side (24 & 25) and they both clinched the top place at the auditions together.

From then onwards the two have been experiencing countless hardships, celebrations, and milestones together. In 2012, both JB and Jinyoung were introduced officially to the world as the duo JJ Project, who brought us the catchy and up-tension song ‘Bounce’. Known to have been the source of many “blanket kick” moments, they both featured in ‘Dream High 2’ as actors too. 2 years later, the duo debuted with 5 other members as GOT7, the 7 boys we know and cherish today.

Among many things, they share a great love for reading and have referred to each other as soulmates on a few occasions.

I think we’ll even have our graves side by side. I saw fans saying that we actually mirror each others’ movements without realizing.” – JB (High Cut Interview)

Having spent close to a decade together, it is not surprising that their actions slowly started to mimic one another unknowingly. The members of GOT7 have always referred to JJ Project as the ‘parents of GOT7’, where Mark even mentioned that “without JJ Project, there would be no GOT7”. The beginning of JJ Project not only shaped the duo as the outstanding individuals and artists they are today but also helped pave a path for the start to the beautiful journey of GOT7.

We’ve seen how much this duo has grown and matured from the huge leap in concept and genre, evident from the vast contrast between their first and second album releases. With this opportunity, we would like to say – thank you, for bringing ‘Verse 2’ to the world, your heartfelt melodies and lyrics have soothed many aching wandering hearts and we believe will continue to do so for many years to come. From the bottom of our hearts, we cheer on your beautiful friendship, and know that be it under the name ‘JJ Project’ or ‘GOT7’, we will always anticipate and cherish what both of you have to offer to us. Happy 6th Anniversary, boys.

The boys have just wrapped up their concert in Hiroshima, and the next stop will be Nagoya for their Japan Tour! In the midst of all the schedules, we hope you boys are getting enough rest before each stop on the World and Japan tours!

From everyone at the Ahgawings team, we wished you a GOT7-filled week ahead!💚