180927 GOT7 on ‘Sketchbook’, “Stakes in JYP’s new office→#1 in sales, proud”


GOT7 revealed that they are #1 in sales in JYP Entertainment.

GOT7 will appear on KBS2 Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook airing on the 28th, capturing attention with their group dance.

Despite appearing on Sketchbook for the first time, GOT7 whom appeared by performing ‘Hard Carry’, immediately grabbed the attention of the viewers. In addition, GOT7 spoke honestly during their talk, about a ‘mat’ matter that brought about disagreement, bringing about laughter and showing off an un-idol side.

GOT7 who just finished touring around 17 cities around the world said, “We don’t need a translator when we visit (certain) countries,’ showing off their appeal as a multinational group. While speaking of being first in place for the sales in JYP Entertainment, they also were proud to reveal that “We are #1 in shares/stakes for the new office building that was completed recently.*”

In addition to being the first K-pop artist to be featured on ‘Hot Tour List Top 10’, GOT7 spoke of their appearances in the media such as BillBoard, People, Forbes and more, and said, “We would like to be a team that hold fun/interesting performances and is anticipated for.” They also showed the point choreography for the title song ‘Lullaby’ of their newly released 3rd album and performed the song perfectly.

‘Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook’ airs every Friday at 12:40 midnight.

*Note: Articles tend to summarize points from shows that have yet to air, therefore it would be best to wait till GOT7’s episode on Sketchbook is aired before a clearer picture of what was said can be seen.

Source 10Asia