180926 GOT7 tours around Hong Kong in first episode of Hard Carry 2


GOT7’s reality show ‘GOT7’s Hard Carry 2’ is finally unveiling itself.

‘GOT7’s Hard Carry 2’ will be airing simultaneously on Mnet and Naver V App on 26th September at 7PM for its first episode. On this episode, it will show GOT7 during the last city of their world tour, Hong Kong, as well as the emotions they felt as they held the world tour.  ‘Hard Carry 2’ would show episodes filled with fun as the 7 members set out to create 7 memories together, as well as upgraded charms from the members.

Especially through the photos released on SNS, they showed the members visiting 7 spots in Hong Kong with each member becoming the ‘lead’ for each spot they find, showing off the ‘chemi’ between the members.

In addition to that, the members were dressed in (school) uniforms and through the spots that were visited, one is able to realize which member does the Hard Carry list belong to.

After the airing of the episode every week, M2 will release exclusive clips as digital original content. These clips would not have been aired in the main episode and will be released through M2’s channels. The first digital original content would be Jackson and the members looking for the restaurant that Jackson enjoyed going to when he was younger.

‘GOT7’s Hard Carry’ is a reality show that is under the direction of the members, and all the contents, such as the planning, the appearances are all decided by the members. Similar to the first season, ‘GOT7’s Hard Carry 2’ would feature a new ‘Hard Carry list’ every week and would show the members achieving the challenges on the list.

Over a 5 part production, the show will start airing on 26th September, airing every Wednesday and will end on 24th October. In addition to that, there would be original digital content released through M2 channel, increasing fans’ anticipation.

Source Osen