180918 ‘Idol Room’ GOT7 you can trust; ‘Hard Carry’, attempting a dance with strong wind!


GOT7 is attempting a dance in front of strong winds at ‘Idol Room’.

GOT7 participated in the unprecedented ‘Weird Showcase’ segment held on Idol Room and performed to commemorate their comeback. MC Jung Hyungdon said, “Pro idols who do their best regardless of the situation they’re in,”; true to the name ‘Weird Showcase’, they prepared an extraordinary prop – a huge fan.

GOT7 members who saw the huge fan said, “This is the first time we’re seeing a fan this huge’, and couldn’t hide their surprise. Even though the strong winds made it hard for them to even open their eyes, as soon as the introduction to Hard Carry started, they started their stage making the MC in awe at their professionalism.

However, due to the extremely strong winds, GOT7 eventually had a hard time standing steadily. There is anticipation in whether GOT7 would be able to finish their performance successfully.

GOT7’s episode will air at 12:20PM (midnight) on the 18th.

Source JTBC