180918 ‘Global trend-dols’ GOT7, tops iTunes album charts in 25 countries


GOT7 has topped iTunes Album chart in 25 countries with the release of their new album ‘Present: YOU’ and has proved themselves to be a global trendy-dol.

With the release of their 3rd album ‘Present: YOU’, they were ranked top in countries such as Brazil, Philippines, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand, for a total of 25 countries overseas. Apart from these, they ranked 5th in US, 3rd in Australia, Canada, Greece, Norway and Slovakia; they ranked 5th in Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden, are 7th place in Belgium, Denmark and Italy; they are in 8th place for Netherlands and Austria while ranked 10th in France. Ranking top 10 in various different countries showed their popularity all around the world.

After the release of the album on music sites at 6PM on 17th September, as of 7AM on 18th September, they are ranked 1st on Mnet Music, Naver Music, Bugs and Soribada. They also topped the Hanteo chart for the most album sold on the 17th, receiving love locally and overseas.

As of 10AM on 18th September, they have 6.7M views on the Lullaby MV on YouTube.

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Source Osen