180903 GOT7 Youngjae to participate in campaign for the prevention of teen suicides


Life Insurance Philanthropy Foundation (LIF hereon) has teamed up with rapper Dok2, idol group member GOT7 Youngjae and singer Park Jimin. This is for the prevention of teen suicides cases that have gotten more severe. As representatives of the hip hop scene and the K-POP industry, they are anticipated to spread good influence.

A representative from LIF said on the 3rd that as part of a teen suicide prevention campaign called, ‘I Will Listen to It All’, Dok2 will be releasing a song this month while GOT7 Youngjae’s and Park Jimin’s campaign song will be released next month. Dok2’s song will be of hip hop genre while Youngjae·Park Jimin’s song will be a duet song of the ballad genre.

The songs from this collaboration with LIF are not campaign songs with commonplace melodies; not unlike the songs included in an artist’s album, these songs are set to capture the general public. For the youths that are familiar with hip hop and K-POP, these songs with support messages are set to be effective and will reach out even more.

Dok2, as well as Youngjae and Park Jimin have all had experiences in composing and writing, and thus will add into the completeness of these songs.  At the request of a collaboration to these artists who have shown empathy  to societal issues as such suicide prevention, it is said that they (readily) agreed (to collaborate).

Specifically, the song lyric ‘I’ll listen to it all’, it applies to counsellors listening to the various concerns of the youths,  as it includes a message of comfort and encouragement.

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Source EBN News