180719 GOT7 meets 28,000 fans in South America, a splendid finale for the South American leg of their world tour


GOT7 fans from the North America and South America performances sang along during their performances, proving their status as global ‘trend’ idols.

Currently touring 17 cities for their world tour ‘GOT7 2018 WORLD TOUR EYES ON YOU’, GOT7 performed in Mexico City’s Palacio Los de Deportes on the 13th, Buenos Aires’ Directv Arena on the 15th and Santiago’s Movistar Arena on the 17th.

Despite GOT7 visiting Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Santiago for the first time, the venues were filled with 10,000, 8,000 and 10,000 audiences respectively; in Santiago, even the restricted view seats were up for sale due to the fans’ requests. The venue sold out with 10,000 seats showing off the ‘GOT7 craze’ in North and South America.

GOT7 performed ‘If You Do’, ‘Hard Carry’, ‘Never Ever’ and more hit songs on stage, showing off their powerful and fancy performances, electrifying the audiences. In addition, through songs like ‘You Are’ and ‘Look’ that are softer and lyrical, GOT7 shared a communion of emotions with their fans. There were also special unit stages by JB-Mark-Youngjae, Jinyoung-BamBam, and Jackson-Yugyeom that are only performed for the world tour, providing plenty of diverse stages.

The fans who filled up the venue also sang along in loud voices, making the members touched. After the performance, the members mentioned, “The sing-along made my hair stand, I am truly touched.”

With the end of Santiago’s show, it wraps up the North and South America leg of the tour that began with Toronto on the 3rd. After Toronto, they performed at LA’s The Forum, Houston’s NRG Arena, New York’s Barclays Center in addition to Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Santiago. Over the 2 weeks, they’ve met close to 62,000 fans in the 7 cities; growing by the day, they are first hand experiencing their global status.

In the midst of their tour, they’ve appeared on US’s FOX5’s talk show ‘Good Day New Work’, People, Forbes, Billboard, entertainment magazine J-14 as well as news and entertainment site Buzzfeed, showing the high amount of interest in GOT7 from the locals.

Starting the world tour from May 4th to 6th in Seoul, GOT7 toured Bangkok, Macau, Moscow, Berlin, and Paris. Following that, they visited Taipei and Jakarta before going on their North and South America stops. Finishing those well, they will return to Asia and perform in Singapore on 4th August and wrap up the 17 cities, 3 month 20 days tour with Hong Kong on the 24th.

Source Osen