180717 Jackson thanks Mexico for a wonderful time during their stop for the world tour


(KR) Mexico!
Thank you so much, sincerely
Before going up on stage,
I could already feel everyone’s passion🔥
It’s my first time here but
Mexico is beautiful as expected,
Beautiful people❤
We must meet next time 🙌
I’ll promise you
The next time will be even more fun
Thank you Mexico! 🙏
(CN) Mexico!
Very thankful to you guys🙌
Could already feel your passion even before getting on stage🔥
This is my first time in Mexico
Beautiful country with beautiful people❤
Hope we can still meet next time
I promise the next performance will be better
Thank you Mexico!🙏
(EN) Mexico! Thank you so much !!
You guys were just amazing 🙏
I could feel the passion before I even got on stage🔥
First time in Mexico,
Beautiful country with beautiful people❤
Hope to see you all next time when we get back, and I promise you,
it will be a better show.
Thank you Mexico🙏
(Spanish) Mexico!! Muchas gracias!!
Ustedes son lo mejor
Pude sentir toda su pasion que me entregaron en el escenario, en nuestra primera vez en Mexico.
Mexico es una hermosa ciudad con hermosas personas.
Los espero volver a ver la proxima vez que volvanos y les prometo sera un show mucho mejor.

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