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(KR) New York!🔥
Thank you for coming!
I can’t believe we were able to perform at @barclayscenter🔥
I hope we definitely get to meet next time, regardless of where it is👍
I will really miss you
Stay healthy and see you next time!🙏🙌
(EN) New York!Thank you guys for coming!
Really didn’t think that I could perform at this venue
No matter where, I hope we can still meet next time👍
I’ll miss you guys
You must stay healthy, see you next time!🙏
(EN) New York!
Thank you everyone for making it to the show in New York🙏
Being able to perform in that venue is just incredible and unbelievable🔥
You guys made it happen
Can’t wait to see you guys again, Doesn’t matter when, where we meet next time, as long as we meet🙏
Stay healthy and dope !
Physically and mentally🙌

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It’s night time where I am❤ I’m going to sleep first😴

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