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See you tonight 🔥

During summer in the past
My favourite was drinking iced Pepsi
Now playing with #PepsiConceptStore# @PepsiChina
is also super cool
(You) can exchange many limited edition
trendy items here
Come #CreateYourPassion# with me
Let’s go!

(KR) 🔥
Houston performance was truly fun! 🙌
Thank you so much everyone
For waiting for us outside in the rain ㅠ 😞
You didn’t catch a cold, did you? 🤒
I hope you didn’t!
See you next time again everyone!!
Thank you so so much! 🙏
(CN) The friends that came to watch the performance in Houston!
Thank you!🙌
I also know you guys were queuing outside in the rain😞
You didn’t catch a cold right?🤒
Take care of your health!
We’ll meet next time! Thank you so much!🙏
(EN) Houston! It was such a good show🙌
and thank you all for making it to the show
And I know you all been waiting outside in the rain, so I hope you didn’t get a cold🤒
Take care!🙏
Thank you again!
You guys were amazing, and I will definitely miss you guys❤
Tag yourself if you were in Houston 🔥

#Houston #GOT7 #amazing #thankyou #yesIstoleTHEphotosAGAIN



I’m so DAMN ready for today🔥
See u soon NYC❤




#igot7❤🐥 @chrisbrownofficial #barclayscenter #thankstoahgases I’m able to perform at the same venue as my role model…🤘😳🤘