180626 Jackson wishes Team Wang a happy birthday, reminds everyone to catch World Cup on Weibo



Happy birthday🎉
Happy 1st birthday🎁
Happy 1st Birthday 🎂

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2018 Russia World Cup🔥
Very honoured to become the #WeiboWorldCupAmbassador#
Watch the World Cup together on Weibo!⚽
Follow @CCTV5 official weibo for exciting videos
Follow the top 16 list! If you have time, you must watch soccer!
It’s good😍 Your health is the priority!💪 If you’ve got no time, watch the replay!
@WatchWorldCup, waiting for you on Weibo!🙌


Hello everyone, I’m Wang Jia Er Jackson. 2018 Russia World Cup is currently in progress. Very glad to receive Weibo’s invitation to become the Weibo World Cup Ambassador. And I also hope that everyone would go onto @WatchWorldCup with me on Weibo. Follow @CCTV5 official weibo. 60 matches, exciting videos, they have them all. Don’t worry. I’ll wait for you at World Cup Weibo.