180624 GOT7’s whose new song “THE New Era” has become a hot topic, completed the nation-wide fan connecting tour


GOT7, whose new single “THE New Era” that achieved 1st place on the Oricon Daily Singles Ranking on Jun 20 when it was released, is attracting attention. The nation-wide hall tour, GOT7 Japan Fan Connecting Hall Tour 2018 “THE New Era”, started on May 15 at Fukuoka’s Sun Palace Hotel and Hall, ended with great success at Sendai’s Sun Plaza Hall on Jun 23. This tour was done decisively and simultaneously with their world tour covering 17 cities globally. The concept of “Fan Connecting”, is to have a show where other than GOT7’s live performances, it is mixed in with programmes that are filled with variety to connect the members with the fans, the enthusiastic and exciting stage unfolded across 9 shows spanning 6 cities around the country.

For this Fan Connecting Hall Tour, the first half of the show was the “Fan Connecting” part, and beds appeared for the opening stage. And the members were relaxed wearing pyjamas!! It was a scenario that was too much to bear for the fans, within the relaxed atmosphere just like in a pyjamas party, the members play various games with the fans.

The second half was the live performance part, starting from the new song which has been getting attention “THE New Era”!! With a performance that embodied the message of “Let’s create a new era”, the excitement of everyone in the hall peaked at once, it showed exactly the arrival of the new era created by GOT7. In addition, the stage for the unit songs that are in the new single “THE New Era” was also revealed. Mark, Jinyoung and Yugyeom’s “2(TWO)” captivated the fans with their sexy dance; and JB, Youngjae and BamBam’s “HMMMM” stage was filled with fun, their various personalities shone during the unit stages.

Earlier, GOT7 just announced that they will be holding the Arena Special “GOT7 ARENA SPECIAL 2018-2019” at Japan Budokan in December and at Kobe World Memorial Hall in February. During the tour finale in Sendai on Jun 23, the MC for the encore leader JB said passionately with even more determination, “We will make good music in the future so everyone can enjoy (our music)!’

GOT7 got the whole nation in a whirl of excitement with the concept of “Fan Connecting”. The bond with the fans became stronger, the tour that strengthened the unity towards “THE New Era” that GOT7 is creating has been completed. Keep your eyes on GOT7 whose force/popularity shows no sign of slowing down.

Source Korepo