180619 Grazia Korea releases 5 syllabus quiz with Jinyoung



Grazia met with #GOT7 Jinyoung who is currently busy with his world tour schedule.
Let’s first meet his 5 syllabus talk that is filled with his wit and cuteness.
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Q: What do you do before sleeping?
JY: Close my eyes

Q. As soon as you open your eyes?
JY: I yawn

Q. Essential belongings?
JY: Camera, wallet

Q. A habit during tour?
JY: During performing.. Ah.. Again, again, again. Bananas are essential (Must eat 2!)

Q. Me on stage?
JY: A little fancy

Q. Me on off-mode?
JY: Plain Jinyoung

Q. A charm only I have
JY: Come on in first

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