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Title: It’s Wang-San (please leave a lot of comments)

I had a really good trip/Returned well
As soon as I alighted from the plane, I didn’t even shave and I put on a moisturizing mask
You know that I don’t usually do these things~
I guess it was dry in the plane

I couldn’t even sleep a wink in the plane
Do you know why?
I think our team members each watched like 4 movies each

I should sleep now

Anyway since I had a good trip (and am back)
Don’t worry

And please leave lots of comment~
Because I come by secretly to read comments

But since I’m mentioning it like this, it’s not a secret
From now on, it’s not a secret

We’ll be flying off again tomorrow
Although we’ll be far from each other, take care of your health and manage yourself well
Actually even if we’re not far apart from each other, you should know how to take care of yourself and do well on your own

And this is a promo talk but we have a new ahgabong everyone~ There’s also a Bluetooth function, it’s amazing. Even I have one

The talk has gone over to the mountains (san)
You know this is my style right
I am the mountain

To me, it’s good night

Note: Mountain is san in Korean, and saying the talk has gone to the mountains means he’s gone off topic.