180614 GOT7’s pilates instructor posts about the trips after Europe stops, is regretful on not being able to join for US stops


GOT7 world tour – Eyes on you

I followed on the world tour with a dugeun-dugeun (palpitating) heart. (Macau-Moscow-Berlin-Paris)
Choreography team, hair team, management team, audio engineers; with over 20 staff who travel to different countries together, I felt like a stranger at first…
At the first venue, people were all so busy but there wasn’t a single person who came to look for me. I thought ‘Why did I come’ a lot but… As time passed by, I began seeing the members and after the dinner at Moscow, it seems like the awkwardness between the members and I disappeared; as each of the members came to look for me, I thought ‘It was a good thing to come.’

JB who is always a reading a book backstage and on stage knows how to truly enjoy the stage
Jackson who is extremely bright and jovial back stage and is the king of charisma on stage
Jinyoung who is similar to Kim Soo Hyun and whose gazes just kills
Youngjae who wanted to do ballads as first but is singing better continuously with every step he takes
Yugyeom who dances really well and is always greeting while smiling, he who likes working out
Pretty Mark who truly makes me a bloated octopus when taking photo next to me
BamBam who is still growing taller now and exudes sexy vibes from his gaze

The past week of being together really felt like a dream; I would have loved to go on your South America tour with you but because the schedule is too long, it’s regretful I can’t. If there’s a next tour, I would definitely like to go together; GOT7 who are exploding with human-ness* are definitely more popular overseas than domestically but without a doubt, these talented idols are definitely increasing their popularity greatly in Korea too.
Suddenly I became a fan of a male idol group ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I hope you complete your South America tour healthily and for each member
I hope you continue to do the work out I told you and that none of you would be sick/hurt…👍
Each team, you’ve worked hard.😽

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*Note: There isn’t really a word in English to translate the term he used, but it means that GOT7 know how to treat the people around them well, which makes one want to work with them again and again.

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