180611 Youngjae, Yugyeom and Jackson upload photos on Instagram after a successful show in Paris




Thanks Paris !

Touching #Gersang #Virudhaka* ㅠㅡㅠ#185

Note: One of the game characters.




(KR) Paris today was really nice.
It was really warm and there’s no AC but 😆
I had the most fun playing.
I won’t be able to forget it.
Your passion was overwhelming guys!
Love you and be healthy! See you again next time!

(CN) Paris! Tonight was really unforgettable. Though it was really warm but we were very HIGH (had lots of fun)🙏
Too passionate🤨
We’ll definitely be back again, take care of your health. See you next time❤
(EN) Paris!! it was a great nice night
It was So HOT but we had so much fun. You guys are too passionate ! 🙏
Memorable moments 🙏❤
Will come back I promise, stay healthy and stay dope 🙌
(FR) Why? 😯
Because that’s life 😏
Thank you so much❤

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