180611 Rolling Stone India attend Eyes on You in Paris; staff writer raves about GOT7 after show



Twitter posts by staff writer at Rolling Stones IN:

So after watching @GOT7Official live at their #EYESONYOU show in Paris last night, here’s a quick list of things I learned about them:

Now I love this band, I know their artistry and personalities (referring to their public personas of course) pretty well and yet they still surprised me, which is WONDERFUL. JB was all smiles and had so much kindness and affection in his eyes every time he looked at the audience. He is more shy than I expected but it’s wholly endearing and adds to his positive energy. He is also extremely graceful. Jinyoung is VERY handsome and is the most photogenic in the group– every shot I took of his was outstanding. He also has the most stable voice during live performances, like guys I’m not kidding, he sounds like he swallowed the CD. Jackson was quieter than I expected (I guess he could have also just been tired, you never know!) but whenever he did speak he was EXTRAAAA. He’s also surprisingly a very no-nonsense kind of guy– when the audience made too much noise while he was speaking he playfully held up a hand and went ‘Excusé moi!’ to get them to quieten down so he could continue. He did get more excited as the show progressed though and got into a fight with some confetti (?). What was absolutely NO surprise was him taking his shirt off. BamBam was the most hyper and enthusiastic of the group. He made an effort to communicate in English too which was so kind because they only had a French interpreter (thank you, Double B!) He’s also VERY beautiful– it’s almost surreal how stunning he is up close! Mark’s voice is WOW. Like you guys… it won’t hit you how deep it really is until you hear him live. It actually caught me off-guard. He is also very charismatic and dynamic onstage, it’s very difficult to get your eyes off him. Youngjae sounds better live than he does on their albums. When he sings live he gets this slight rasp in his voice that adds so much edge and emotion to his performance. And this is no surprise of course, but he also has the most wonderful laugh :’) Yugyeom is so cheeky and reminds me of my younger brother! He’s HUGE though, like bro has legs for days, and would probably step on my smol self. He’s also the best dancer in the group and is able to combine all his hyungs’ greatest strengths He also looks A LOT like BTS’ Jungkook, like they could legit be brothers and it’s awesome. As a sub unit BamBam and Jinyoung work best; they shocked the hell out of me with their badass performance of “King” and have fantastic stage presence together. I’ll tell you more about the subunits and performances in my review of the show for Rolling Stone India! There’s a LOT of talking during a GOT7 concert (from the band, not the audience lol) and let me tell you it’s the BEST thing ever. You immediately feel a lot more connected to the members and it’s like they’re family or friends you’re meeting after a very long time. As a whole, @GOT7Official are all about positivity, laughter and love and watching them live made me impossibly happy. I had a grin on my face the entire 1 hour metro ride back and people probably thought I was a lunatic but it was SO #WorthIt. #EyesOnYou

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