180601 Littor releases preview of interview with Jinyoung ahead of its official release



Not too long ago the GOT7 members came out as guests on radio and said that lately (they’ve) been reading a lot? Is this Jinyoung’s influence?

That’s not it. If I influenced the members, I would have influenced them earlier, no? (laughs) Reading has to be something that comes from your own will so even if you are influenced by anyone but you don’t have your own will to read, it’s difficult to do so. Out of the members, Yugyeomie reads the most. He started reading at some point. I guess Yugyeomie started thinking more seriously of music and he wants to write lyrics well so he started reading. I guess he would have realised that. I think that there are parts of literature and music that are definitely connected. So if you want to do music, especially if you want to write lyrics, at some point you inevitably have to start reading. Because half of a song is in the lyrics.


Are there 3 life books that you’d like to share with the readers of Littor?

Osamu Dazai’s  ‘No Longer Human’, Han Kang’s ‘Human Acts’ and Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s ‘The Little Prince’.


[No Longer Human] is still one of your life books.

It’s a book that gives me a sense of stability. The main character (leads a) complex and difficult (life) but it shows that it is a universal emotion felt by humans so on the contrary, it gives me a sense of stability. Towards the end, someone calls Yozo “an angel-like child.” Even as he did drugs and drank, he was an angel-like person to someone. I believe that the world is according to how you see it. If you view it positively, it’ll be good and if you view it negatively, it’ll be a horrible world. Yozo in the book viewed the world as really difficult and negative and it was a place that inevitably made you do drugs. That if you wanted to stay alive in that kind of world, you’d have to turn mad but from other people’s point of view, it could be seen as innocence – I really liked that point of view.