180531 GOT7 Jinyoung mentions in his Littor interview, “Music and literature is the connection”


GOT7 member Jinyoung sat for an interview with literary publication ‘Littor’ that is published by Minumsa.

Jinyoung, whom is often known as an avid reader of classics, spoke candidly and humbly of his concerns: as a musician promoting briskly domestically and internationally, as a youth in his 20s and as a person. The process in finding the answers to his concerns are done with GOT7 fans, members and literature.

Jinyoung chose Osamu Dazai’s ‘No Longer Human’, Han Kang’s ‘Human Acts’ and Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s ‘The Little Prince’ as his life books. Jinyoung’s thoughts and attitude towards reading is seen in his own method of slow and continuous reading to understand a book, and he does so in the spare time in between his busy schedules.

Jinyoung’s whole interview and photo shoot will be released in the 12th volume of Littor which is set to be published in early June.


Source HeraldCorp