180528 Tencent Fashion X Jackson Wang interview at the Fendi #FFreloaded party


The brand new single ‘Fendiman’ was performed for the first time that night by new generation popular singer songwriter Wang Jia Er and it ignited the crowd in an instant! Soon after its release, this song ‘Fendiman’ achieved the good results of double charts number 1 on US ITunes.

The electronic display behind Wang Jia Er, also showcased the exciting video clip of this song that was filmed on the roof of FENDI headquarters at Rome’s Palazzo. Editor also moved along non-stop to Wang Jia Er’s voice at the event.

Before the event, editor also interviewed Wang Jia Er for you guys. Sharing how he felt that night.

Tencent Fashion – TF
Wang Jia Er – WJE

TF: First, introduce us to your look today.
WJE: Today my look is Fendiman! It also goes very well with my just released single ‘Fendiman’. I also really like the FF elements in today’s look.

TF: You have worked with FENDI more than once, can you tell us the origin of your collaboration with FENDI?
WJE: Last year I attended a FENDI event and we hit off well. I really like this brand too. The spirit it advocates goes very well with me too. Thus, the collaborations started.

TF: What similarities do you think the hiphop spirit that you’re very familiar with and the FFreloaded capsule series that FENDI launched at tonight’s event have?
WJE: We have our own way and there’s no need to compare with others. I think this is the most similar point between hiphop and FENDI.

TF: In your opinion, what kind of person can be regarded as a true Fendiman?
WJE: There’s this line that goes ‘No need comparison man’ in my song ‘Fendiman’. No need to compare with others, there’s no right or wrong, no good or bad. I have my own way and this is something that no one has, this will make me think that You are Fendiman.

TF: How would you describe your usual dressing style?
WJE: My own way.

TF: What’s that one thing you can’t live without when you go out?
WJE: I think it’s my accessories. Necklace or earrings. I wear them even when I’m sleeping and showering.

TF: We all know that you love diamonds very much. Can you count the diamond accessories you have at home?
WJE: A lot. Why are you guys asking me this question? Do you want to go to my house to steal diamonds? Come on man!

TF: Many fans are curious, you wear so many diamond necklaces everyday, is your neck tired?
WJE: It’s actually very light.

TF: I saw that you removed your accessories while looking after the children on a program, are you afraid that it’ll cut the children?
WJE: Yes. First, I don’t think it’s suitable to wear so many accessories at home, taking care of babies is also in a home environment. Secondly, I’m afraid that I’ll hurt the children by accident. But you see, I still wore accessories because those are the accessories I wear to sleep and won’t take off.

TF: Saw that you had a bandaid on your chin sometime ago, the fans are very concerned if you’re hurt?
WJE: Actually it was a very small pimple, but when I was interacting with the babies, it accidentally got scratched so I put on the bandaid.

TF: You usually sleep very late, how do you still have so much hair?
WJE: My hair naturally grows quickly. Usually people say that if you think about more things, your hair would grow faster. But I don’t know if this saying has a scientific basis.

TF: Actually you had this hairstyle for quite a long time, there are a lot of fans concerned if you have the intentions to change a new hairstyle?
WJE: I actually want to shave bald or cut it really short so that I won’t have to bother about it. But to prevent my fans from leaving, I’m still keeping my hair on.

TF: What music plans do you have next?
WJE: I’ll still have another single after ‘Fendiman’, it’ll be out second half of the year before October. Hope you guys look forward to it.

TF: Lastly do you have anything to say to the fans?
WJE: Watch my shows, listen to my songs, look at my photos, give a like if there’s me (in it), because I love you guys very much.

Source Tencent Fashion