180519 Allure Korea releases short questionnaire video of BamBam


#Allure_Star We asked BamBam whom is rumored to dress well! 🐍🐍 We asked his method in looking good regardless of what he wears in looking at the camera, he answered shyly; what was his reason?🙈#Allure_HGN #Allure_HYS

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Q. What is the World Tour to BamBam?
BB: Life’s experience

BB: We completed Seoul’s performances safely. We (the fans and GOT7) became one and I think it was a time where we could share our feelings with one another.

Q. If you lose my luggage during the World Tour?
BB: If I lose my luggage? Jinyoung hyung, Mark hyung, Yugyeom. I think I’ll wear clothes from the 3 of them.

Q. Which outfit do you like best from today’s outfits?
BB: Out of the outfits I’ve worn today, the first one and the red jacket are what I like best.

Q. What is the reason you suit everything that you wear?
BB: The reason I suit everything that I wear is… (measures length of leg – 108cm)

BB: There’s not a lot I can give to the fans but I’ll give you these flowers.

BB:  Wink. Hand kiss.