180514 GOT7 Youngjae’s first OST, “perfect singing” – to be released 14th May


GOT7 Youngjae has tried his first attempt at singing an OST.

Youngjae has recently been chosen to sing for ‘Wok of Love’s OST Part 2 and will be released ‘At That Time’ on the 14th; the song makes a strong impression as it is coupled with guitars and drums with a rock style.

I’ll be there, when you call
by your side and always
I’ll take your pain
Let it out through your eyes
The many stories within me
I won’t talk about them again
There will be a day when coincidentally, you too
will come to recognize me
then I’ll wait for the you from that time

At these lyrics, Youngjae’s dark singing method adds on and gives a boost to the song, creating anticipation for it.

The story revolves around the three leads Soopoong (Lee Junho), Chilsung (Jang Hyuk) and Saewoo (Rye Won) as they try to hold on to their convictions in the face of heartless reality, the lyrics include the strong will as they persevere and grow.  This song is worked upon with music director Nam Heyseung and  musicians Jun Jong Hyeok and Ho Seok, completing the song at a high quality.

Singing for an OST for the first time after debut, Youngjae had participated in MBC’s ‘King of Masked Singers’ and KBS’ ‘Immortal Song’, showing off his status as a main vocal and earning the compliment ‘impeccable singing’.

A representative from the OST’s production company, Plus Media, said, “The song that Youngjae will be releasing ‘At That Time’, is a rock sound that is produced with musical instruments and singing.” He then added, “Coupled with Youngjae’s perfect singng, we’ve completed a legendary OST that will increase the heartbeats of the viewers.”

GOT7 is currently holding their 2018 World Tour ‘Eyes On You’ in 17 different cities. GOT7 Youngjae’s ‘At That Time’ will be released on 14th May at 6PM on various music sites.

Source X Sports News