180511 GOT7 Youngjae to participate in OST for ‘Wok of Love’, set to be released next week


GOT7 Youngjae will be participating in the OST for ‘Wok of Love’ that is starred by Lee Junho, Jung Ryeowon and Jang Hyuk.

On the 11th, a broadcast representative said, ‘GOT7 main vocal Youngjae has recently completed the recording for ‘Wok of Love’ OST part 2.” According to the representative, the OST is set to be released next week.

This is the first time that Youngjae will be participating in an OST by himself. After his appearance on MBC King of Masked Singer and KBS2 Immortal Songs, Youngjae will be showing his unique mellow voice through the second theme song of ‘Wok of Love’.

Working together with Nam Heyseung who has worked on legendary songs from dramas like Golbin, I Need Romance and Jealousy Incarnate, the expectation is higher.

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Youngjae has recently completed GOT7’s concert in Seoul and will continue to tour 17 cities such as Bangkok, Macao, Moscow, Berlin and Paris among many more.

Source Chic News